Where HYIP Make Profit?

Updated: 12/29/2004 01:44
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For sure every newcomer, appearing on the investment market, asks himself/herself a question: "WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF SUCH INTERESTS?". It makes sense. In reality, anyone, accustomed to use banking accounts and other services, allowing to earn a certain interest from the deposits, can't submit the idea that SUCH HIGH INTERESTS are possible!

But it's true… Even despite the fact that many people beware to find simple cheaters under such programs, most of them DO pay out the amounts declared and bring profits for their investors. BUT HOW? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

We were talking about possible investment ways in on of the previous issues of ours. Dear investors, we told you of the common investment principles. Dear admins, we explained You what the best investment resources are and why. As a result, we had a list of major directions: gold, currency, (FOREX), betting, safety stock, oil market and small sphere of other, not very popular investments.

The conclusion as well as experience shows: there can be the only one conclusion concerning priorities: gold and FOREX are of the most priority, though other directions can also be of a great interest, in case you do them well.

The most popular nowadays is gold investment. But we talked about it in a more detailed way in the previous article. Now we will discuss the main principles of the others, which, in fact, work on one and the same scheme. Constant changes in price allow gambling.
When admin says that he purchases gold, it means that he purchase it on Your money…

Choosing between these two parallels, we wouldn't like to draw a line between them. The principle, volume and opportunities are enormous for both of these markets. As they say, whatever You like. Hence, realizing the sense of their work, any investor can answer a question: where do they get such interests?

The thing is that purchasing and reselling gold or currency, one can turn to advantage, running up to multiple (!) increasing of the amount invested. It's real, both for offline and online HYIP.

Now let's talk of less popular, though interesting investment directions. So, part of programs, uses your funds for betting, safety stock purchasing etc. We'll say right away - each of the directions is rather doubtful.

For example, sport betting (stakes), popular nowadays, is the riskiest and looks similar to HYIP-games and it's better to handle it on your own (though, if You know nothing about it, You can go bankrupt, then you should better entrust a professional with your funds or think of any other ways of investment).

Working with stocks or any other high-priced valuables (oil market, for example) means long term cooperation and depositing sufficient amounts. You should always be a professional, however it's not so risky as in all the other cases. It's because the activity on these markets is comparatively small, the changes don't happen so sharply and suddenly.

Important feature for the programs, You are planning to invest into, is mostly, how fast You will receive Your profit. Three variants are possible: daily payouts, weekly payouts and monthly payouts. Besides there are multiple ways of withdrawing Your funds before the end of a program (in some program You are not able to withdraw funds till a certain date).

We discussed this question in one of the previous issues, now we can say that longer projects (the payouts take place not so frequently) are much more profitable and serious. Admins of these programs work with large amounts and investments are in work for a long period of time, that's why the minimal investment amount is usually too high (up to 1000$). It's hard to name well-defined priority in this sphere.

Our advice is - combining.

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