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Updated: 01/11/2005 00:41
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Dear investors, illustrating different variants of using Your funds, we have mentioned that one of investment ways is sport betting. Besides, it's a means of high yield and fast earning, available not just to very reach and skilled investors, but to ordinary ones as well. So, we hope, You both know of the notion "sport betting" and things like "lines", "odds" and "totals". Even if not, our article will definitely be interesting for You, cause, in a few words, we'll touch upon theory.

"Sport betting" - what is this? This is money stakes on sport events. Lots of You possibly know the famous example - horse race. This kind of sport turned out to be the most adapted to stakes, and any racetrack is associated with passion, gambling with stakes. Internet users may stake in betting offices (or their branches, often existing off-line and carrying on this business everywhere).

Betting office set a rate of possible outcome of these or those sport events. Gambler chooses any event, he likes, and the amount, he is going to stake on this event and waits for the outcome. In case of making a bet, the rate is set initially. It can change further on, depending on the number of bets made. If there are a lot of bets - the rate is going down. If not - it goes up, correspondingly.

The betting offices (let's not go beyond the term "totalizator" in our article) are now trying to offer maximum possible number of events to their gamblers. It actually doesn't matter at all, what kind of event it is. The bet maker cares only about the bet itself. That's why very often the bets on different political and show business events are made. Not to talk about sport.

Gambling on football, You may bet on the corners number, goals scored, yellow cards shown, injuries, total goals number, win with odds, You may bet on whether this or that player will play in a match, basketball - bet on the number of rebounds, passes etc. of course, different kinds of sport exist. As they say, to any taste. Betting offices are now dealing with not widely popular kinds of sport, such as golf, gymnastics, unarmed self-defense etc. All in all there is no choice problem. Unless - he choice of betting office. There are lots of them and each of them is mostly honest and reliable. Cause stakes - is profitable. For the office, of course. Moreover, You practically don't have to deceive in a cheeky way.

But, Revenons a nos moutons. HYIP, working in the world of sport betting, have two working schemes. The first one - paying a certain percent of the money invested in a certain period of time. I.e. You invest money and have Your percent. Either monthly or weekly or even more seldom. But it doesn't happen often. There is another scheme, working more correctly and more often. In this scheme, investors receive the percent from the winning. Though, to be exact, admin of a program, the one, gambling with Your money receives the percent from the winning.

The percent usually equals to 10% from the total amount. Why does the admin like that need Your money? Because, the winning depends on the amount of money staked. The more money You stake - the more is the winning. If You stake 5$, You will get 2.5$ at the rate of 1.5, but if You stake 5000$ - then You will have 2500$ as a profit. Agree - the benefit is present. And, being an experienced gambler, one can operate with hundreds thousand of USD! The benefit on one rate differs, in accordance with the amount deposited!..

Now regarding the main question of sport betting, that is: "How to beat the betting office?". Answering the question: "Whether it's possible?", we can say unambiguously - yes, sure. Nut, the ways of HOW to beat are too complex. It's true, depositing Your money to a program, You don't have a headache about it, at the same time, gambling Yourself or entrusting Your hard-earned money to anybody else, You'd better realize the system of where this money should work. Sport betting actually comes to a confrontation between an office and a gambler. The office wants to beat the gambler, and the gambler wants to beat the office. How does it happen?

The main weapon of an office - is "lines". Rates and events. Office pursues its favorite - it chooses events and sets the rates. At that it sets any rates that it wants. However it should ate itself on the lines of other offices, on the reality of rates set and on having balance NO MATTER what the event outcome is. The rates in the line of a good betting office should be set in SUCH a way that the office could win in ANY circumstances. How can it be? Very easy. The rate doesn't always correspond to the actual state of affairs in the event. It corresponds to how the gamblers are going to respond to it.

For example, NBA basketball match. We know that one team is obviously stronger than another. That's why, everyone will stake on a stronger team - the rate should be set in such a way so that not to allow the gamblers to "beat" the office on this event. It's not necessary to

Pull down the rate to its minimum. It's possible (just for example) to raise it to its maximum. :) It's unexpectedly, isn't it? What's the sense? The sense is that those, who really know about basketball will stake on this team. The rest will pay attention namely to the rate. And, taking into account that ANYTHING is possible in most kinds of sports, it's not always profitable to risk of easy money on the event, having low rate...You know, so that to win 100$ with the rate of 1.1, Yoy should risk 1000$, and so that to win the same 100$ with the rate of 3, You should risk only 50$! Can You see the difference?

OK, our example is rather rough. Those, making lines for betting offices, act subtly enough. Too many different conventions play a part here. But, in the upshot, any line should be against the gambler, that's why, as a result about 20% of the gamblers survive on the sport betting market! And THAT'S WHY, You'd better give Your money to one of these 20%, than try Your luck alone. And THAT'S WHY, a sporty betting HYIP can really become the earning means, not the entertainment.

As for particular cases, and we think that sport betting can be a high yield program, it's important to take the following into account: One should have professional approach to business. You won't succeed, "trying Your luck" in sport betting. You play against crafty betting office and it's ready to anything, so that to beat You. If You miss something - You will lose Your money. There's a large number of informational stuff about this, and we'll probably tell about them in the next issues of ours. You should work at Your knowledge of sport and constantly refresh them.

Going back to HYIP and summing up, we can tell You that programs like that do deserve to be really profitable. Again, everything depends on the operator. He is the main person per se, and no world fluctuations influence on whether You will earn money or not. That's why try to know maximum about him. And of course, talk over all the terms in details, taking into consideration everything described above. It's really hard to earn on sport betting, but still it's possible. However, in any case, be careful with the money, otherwise You will lose it.

Good luck and be watchful.

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