HYIP Market in the Old and the New Year. 2005

Updated: 01/23/2005 01:23
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So, the new year began. Two weeks passed and again we have to furnish ourselves with calculations and start working, forget of rest and holidays. The month is not over yet and the market began to shake - gold began to recede, Weekly Interest has disappeared somewhere, then returned - life goes on!
No, it disappeared again and looks like forever - it's so usually. That means, everything is usual and expected! We decided to sum up the year 2004 and forecast the life of HYIP market in the year 2005, it may be not in detail and not thoroughly as we wanted it to be, but it will be useful - that's for sure.

First thing, we came across with, investigating this problem, is that there is no simple answer to this question. Of course, there are statistic summaries, which can give the detailed picture, there are observations of ours, however, at the same time they are subjective in a way, because they only give an opportunity to analyze, and analysis itself takes place in the analyst's mind. That's why we tried to consult the authorities, for instance, a good friend of ours, TalkGold admin and other program admins, though they couldn't give any answer that would satisfy us.

To be exact, the answer that would satisfy You, dear readers. Cause, first of all, we think about You. Hence, we had no other choice, but to carry out the investigation, and to expound the results of it in the textual variant, not the statistic one, so that the readers could see not just the conclusions but the presuppositions as well.

We think - all the systems, including economic ones, are developing in relation to greater "universalization", i.e. offering wider spectrum of services as one. That's why, namely, at the beginning of the year almost every program that exists implies the daily percent calculated. In our opinion, there are pros and cons about it. On the one hand, the pros is - investors may choose when and what percent to receive in almost every program.

On the other hand, lots of fraudsters appear, offering high daily percent and it's not such an unusual fact as it was before. Though, You should always be watchful, and fraudsters are not only defined on high percents, that's why cons is doubtful. At the same time, there is a series of programs, existing with daily payouts exceptionally, but nevertheless, attractive enough for investing and really paying for a long period of time FinExperts, eGold Finance and others.

The previous year was remarkable for its long-term projects. To be exact, there were lots of monthly offers and even longer. They were rarely paying; at the same time being reliable enough to last till this year. Whether they are going to live a while longer, there is no simple answer, let's hope for the best. Moreover, in the sphere given there are no programs, appeared before August, and this fact testify something. On the whole, about 160 days - a record so far and within a certain period of time we'll be able to say what the maximum age is and what we may count on.

Now we can refer the following programs to those, described above: Bank Swiss, TATIJANO -e- TRUST, Blue Dreams Investment Group. What programs of existing today are going to show the same results, depends on special cases too. Though, judging from the short terms appeared, the number of which is increasing, just the other way round we can say of cutting down tendencies, hence our faith is rather moderate.

As for the fraudsters' part in business, their number always swings on the same level, which is hard to distinguish even in percent ratio. Some come out and die out immediately just like stars, some shine in the "sky" and then disappear. It's early to say, what we should wait from the year forthcoming, but, judging from the first month, there are some hopes, watching the "daily paying" and other scam programs' successful development. Hopefully, we'll play a certain part in it, cause, trying to accumulate experience, we are making weapon that helps investors to avoid collapse and learn to survive.

This process is continuous and investors will be more careful and taught this year, that's 100% true. The scammers, in their turn, will have to think about how to rouse investors' interest, and high percents only won't do any benefit. Anyway, we hope, it will be like that and, judging from the analysis made and common working experience in the investment world, we can say that the tendency like that will go on. And we are sure, You need to take the direct part in it! :) Earn on fraudsters!

What gladdens is that more an more high quality really professional monitoring sites appear in the new year. It just can't be out of the market and we forecast that their role in future will be larger and larger. Yes, we try to provide complex informational servicing, though it's not enough, when it's about HYIP, that's why we also monitor programs and we are going to develop it. As for the market - it's a natural selection.

Really high quality, colorful, informative, and, which is the most important - reliable lists are becoming more and more popular and the scammers get their more and more rarely. It's not so easy to place the template-like, poor-quality scam site here. It really inspires and is an important part of the common picture???� just like extension of informational field.

Summarizing, we should say that, showing the common picture, having the conclusions drawn, they can hardly be used in practice. We can't guarantee, that the tendency of the market, allowing it to be the same level will remain without changes. Nobody can guarantee it. Therefore, we can't rest upon it in day-to-day activity. Even the cycle theory, despite its opulence, can't be used seriously, cause the main thing is not taken into account - the cycle rate.

It can change and only appearing of certain programs can suggest when the stage started. Whether You noticed them or not, then You have the forecast or not. In such a way, in conclusion, we wish You success this year and give You and advice, be careful. If we have any interesting observations, we'll certainly share them with You. Visit us!

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