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Updated: 01/23/2005 01:54
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In one of our latest issues we told You how to define a scam program on the outer features. Further to that, going on with this topic, we'd also like to tell You, how we can check a HYIP with the help of additional tools.
This time, the main hero of our story is Whois resource, the advanced investors are familiar with it, however, sometimes people forget about it and the beginners know nothing about Whois at all. This article may become a reminder for advanced investors and a binding lesson for the beginners.

Of course, speaking of the "Whois" resource (let`s call it like that - "resource") we don`t only have in mind the site of the same name. There is no doubt, it`s really the best and is, most likely, the founder of this direction (anyway, its founder). However, there is a series of both resources and programs (we are going to tell You about them), which are the same Whois (sometimes they even have this word in their name), but designed and produced by other vendors. We`d also like to tell You that the sites, we are going to talk about, are not related to HYIP. As a matter of fact they were designed separately, for other purposes. But they are good for such a risk sphere as online investments. Moreover, they are just required for those, trying to fight the scammers in workmanlike manner and not to be caught. So, is there something of that kind, we get from the modern network.

The essence of this resource is in its name. To know - "who is". Here You can know who the domain owner is, IP addresses and other "associates", all in all - Internet hyperlinks. Let`s start our review from the main site in the chain of Whois - this is {}.

Let`s investigate the well-known site What shall we do? Loading the service Whois, mentioned above, we can see only one line, where we can check the domain, IP addresses or make a search on keywords (these terms are shown on the first page), so, we test the site, to find out, how suspicious it is. So, according to the terms of the services` rules, we enter to the field, click on Search and…get the DETAILED information of this site. Its authorities, phone numbers, contact information, geographical location, hosting (USA), provider`s contact data, IP data, and lots of other stuff, check Yourself.

Tell me please, would You not be entrusted with the program, providing so much information? I think it would be hard. Anyway, it`s a qualitative test. Now, let`s check something like Cleveland HYIP ( Oh! Dear, sirs! It`s an absolutely free hosting! What can be said a program like that? Yes, cherished word - scam! No other alternatives. Some people only provide information of a HYIP itself though give no contact information. Some - really pay for a high-quality hosting, though somehow forget to make a good feedback work on a high level.

Whois service has been online for a long time. It has lots of information stored in its database, and any respected company, worthy of Your attention, will certainly make all possible to provide this information about themselves. Anyway, in case this information is available on the Whois resource, You`d better make a phone call and be curious about that. If there are hosters` contact data, You can always strive for the truth, because providers often ask for information, confirming the admin` identity, while registering. In any case, hoster should always care about his authority. Though, this is not all. In spite of the fact that resource is the main of its kind, the resource in the bookmarks of every investor, the resource, giving a lot of useful information while testing, in the course of Whois service development there appeared lots of competitive, to be exact - complementary services.

For instance, You will find a number of different tests, allowing to find out in workmanlike manner, who the owner of this or that domain is or IP address on resource. There`s even a service providing e-mail addresses testing, and a special function, allowing to determine the geographical location of the site, placed online. We tested our site and found out that it belongs…to ours… ( - it`s a joke, of course.

Information similar to that on the Whois site. First of all, because it`s true, secondly, because it`s usually stored as a "certificate" in one place and, basically, it`s just used taken by different engines, for the following exposure on the site. Su convenient function as ping allows defining, whether a site is working or not. It`s really in use when a site goes offline. Whether it`s completely out or the period of repayment has just passed and Your admins have gone for good… on the whole, it`s worth taking some time and investigate it., is also a resource of that kind, however, it acts in the other way. Here You have the chance to enter optionally any information You have about the site, You are going to test (e.g. the site with the program, and het al the information possible concerning this resource. It`s really high quality.
In the end, I must say that there are also special programs, installed on Your PC and working from it. One of the most famous, operating as domain tester etc. - is SmartWhois. These programs are related to software and it`s much harder to operate them, it`s impossible to tell You in a few words, about the main principles, so, be patient.

We hope, that now there will be more tools available for You so that to avoid any possible problems with fraudsters. To be exact - You just won`t fall into their banal traps!

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