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Updated: 02/12/2005 00:21
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Each of You, dear readers, knows for sure - one of the most popular information source at all times was forum. In Ancient Rome forum was used for making the most important decisions (Latin "forum" - a central square/market and a centre of political life of a town. The temples of the main gods stood on these squares. In Rome itself there were several of these squares. Forums were made in such a way, so that everyone could sit around the orator, listen to him and take part in discussion). No wonder that today forum is also used for making decisions, and investments are, per se, can be referred to the most important ones. Lots of opinions can be seen on every forum and, as we know, the truth appears from a dispute.

That's why, we decided to make a short review of the most popular forums and make up a map, in a way, where You can orientate Yourself in this sphere. However the theme is not closing and, further on, we are going to advert to it, so that to provide You with on-line information.

So, what forums are the most popular nowadays among customers? Here they are: TalkGold, Gold-Horizons, Web Life e-Business Forum and in conclusion, a perspective one The Cycler Forum. All these forums meet several requirements: have a convenient and attractive interface. They have more than 1000 visitors, among which there are lots of experienced and known investors, not simple talkers. And, which is the main thing - the forums are alive, i.e. around 50 - 100 new messages appear on them every day. Now, let's take a closer look to each of the forums, examine their structure and, if we succeed, talk with the heroes - admins of these forums!

Undoubted leader in our rating turned out to be TalkGold (http://www.talkgold.com/forum) forum. Nearly 8000 customers are registered on this forum. The main direction is HYIP and investments. The target audience certainly includes the widest spectrum of customers, starting from admins and ending with newcomers, who will definitely find the newest information here. Large customers' activity allows knowing information of this or that program for a few hours. The special section, where You can discuss investment strategies with the purpose of creating Your own one - more successful, is also available. Dividing according to subject headings includes the sections, where You can even discuss sporting betting, FOREX participation, different exchangers. We decided to talk with the admin of the forum, whose name is Brian. He was very generous to answer our questions:

1. What is the quantity of Your customers? We mean, active users, of course.
- There are about 7500 registered users, however only we'd guess about 2500 have been active in the last 3 months.
2. When was Your forum originated?
- Talkgold launched in Jan 2003
3. Is there a kind of a censorship on Your forum, if yes, what is it like?
- We have very little censorship. Racism, and other forms of hate are not accepted as well as spamming, and other forms of advertising.
4. What are the sources of the financial support of Your forum?
- Talkgold was not expensive to start. Currently hosting fees are expensive in order to assure that attacks against the server are not successful.
5. Why do You, personally, as an admin decided to join the investment activity?
- Well I always loved talking about investments (all kinds). I saw there was a need for a forum where people can communicate about which programs are scams and which are legit. Thus I created Talkgold.com. The future of talkgold may have the site move toward other traditional investment as well as HYIPs.
6. What are the nearest plans for TalkGold development?
- I would like to expand Talkgold to feature information on all types of Investments. Talkgold is not only a forum, but a HYIP portal with dozens of articles and news from the past.
7. Some words about HYIP industry online, please, Your feelings about that?
- HYIPs are a risk. Most are probably scams, or partial ponzi's thus whenever referring friends or family to any online investment opportunity you should let them know that they are all most likely partial ponzi schemes.
8. What would You wish to all HYIPs participants all over the world?
- Don't spend more then you can afford to lose, and don't get people involved that are not familiar with the arena in general.

It's hard to distinguish the most popular forum between the next two ones, so are not going to judge and leave the right to choose to You. We think, everyone can find something interesting for himself/herself on the forum, where the number of customers is not so large, or it's less attractive than its "competitor". So, let's surf on the following forums alphabetically, not taking the preference into account.

The most friendly and pleasant among all of the forums, turned out to be Gold-Horizons ({http://gold-horizons.com/forum/index.php}). It's popular enough to be useful and is not numerous enough to be calm and cozy (more than 5000).
On some more numerous forums it's hard to track the discussions progress. Moreover, the audience here is extremely nice. Lots of humor, smiles, friendship and hospitality.
And there is also a chat on the basis of the forum, which is empty so far, to tell the truth. The design is highly professional. Besides, the characteristic orange tones add to cosiness. We should mention about dividing according to subject headings, cause it differs from other forums and is not such overall, so, creates a specific face to the forum. The content: HYIP, Forex, Stocks, Bonds trading, ads, and a large section, devoted to forum directly.

One more interesting network forum project is Web Life e-Business Forum (http://www.web-life.org/vb/), where there are about 2000 visitors. The forum is different from the others. It's not targeted to HYIP particularly, its dividing according to subject headings testifies this. The large section, concerning on-line business management is included here. It's also worth mentioning that the forum given has rather attractive design and is rather functional.
It's very convenient to set up Your profile in here, where it's possible to expound a lot. Besides, the branch structure on the forum is somehow unusual. The information about an author of a message is given at the top, not on the left, as it should be.
The admin was not rather hospitable and refused to give commentaries.

And the last one is The Cycler Forum (http://s7.invisionfree.com/TheCyclerForum/index.php). The outward appearance and the content of the forum look as if it is a public bulletin board.
The customers enter here - register, leave their ads and never come back.
Though it looks like this forum can become rather interesting for our readers. It's very attractive in outward appearance, and at the same time it's functional and easy to navigate. The main sections include discussions on HYIP in general, on account of different investment programs, YMMSS (Your Money Machine Success System), YIWSNclub (Your International Wealth System network), as well as problematic funds, which have difficulties. So far it's hard to say whether the forum is useful or not, however, further on it will be successful, that's for sure.

One more interesting forum, that was not placed in a separate list - our forum (http://www.investnavigator.com/forum/). It would be not good to tell lies about it.

The forum is young, though our readers visit it more and more often. Besides, we made up rather convenient link system between a forum section and information about a program directly. That's why, if You don't have a forum on the site or You wish to increase its popularity, it would be more convenient to set up a forum for You on our forum. We haven't met such a peculiarity before, so decided to tell about it.
We hope - our small review was useful for You. Further on, we'll try to revert to this question, cause forums play a large role in our life.

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