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Updated: 02/14/2005 01:58
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Fraudsters don't appear out of nothing. Rather they can't exist like an abstract notion. Somehow or other, but every fraudster is positioned on some certain hosting - the server, where the given site is located.

To wit, only hoster decides what sites will be located on his site, including everything, concerning scam. Therefore, today we pay attention to this very parameter of working on the investment market - hostings, locating scam.

When the conversation concerning site locating is held, except for the site itself we recommend to pay attention to the domain, where the site is located. What is domain? For those who don`t know: address of the site consists of several parts.

The first one - www - it`s the network World Wide Web. If there was some other network, we would probably had to deal with the sites wvw, wcc and others. Though, Internet is the only one yet and www is everywhere. To tell the truth, there are other kinds of networks, looking absolutely different from www. These are gopher, ftp and others, though, there are no talks about using them along with WWW. OK, then. Everybody understands that perfectly well.

The second part - name of the site and domain. The word with digits or some symbols (excluding dots, slashes, the signs of summation, division and things like that). There are three levels of domains. The first one - is org, net, com, uk and others.

The name of the site and domain of the first level. Experienced Internet users can accuse us of primitivism, but, without discussing the grounds, it would be hard to explain the essence of the article. Moreover, some investors, including the young ones, know how to use Internet, but unfortunately don`t know the fundamental principles.

So, there are three different levels of domains. The lowest is the third one. Besides, sites may look like that, for example: www.inavigator.net/navigator, which means that the site is located in the folder navigator, on the server inavigator.com. Hope everything is clear concerning the theoretical part. Let`s proceed directly to practice.

So, you look to HYIP address. What can you learn from it? First of all, it`s the geography of course. If it`s the domain of the first level, it can perfectly can the extension *.uk for example, which is going to mean that the site is located in GB. Or, it may happen that the authorities of the site wanted the site to indicate the geographical belonging of the resource.

The domains com, net, biz, org can hardly indicate something. Except for the last one - it`s the domain of different organizations. But it`s not over. These domains are chargeable. It`s practically impossible to get them for free, cause these names are "common". If there are domains of the third level - it`s the link to server.

That is, it indicates the name of the server, where the site is. There is nothing of that kind in the domains of the first level, this peculiarity makes them "elite", valuable and in the upshot - chargeable. There are also domains of the first level, with the extension: com.us and others, consisting of two parts.

However, they are rather rare and used exclusively in the narrow geographical areas. Altogether all over the world there are 10 million (!) hosts with the extension com, registered nowadays (by the way com is interpreted as "commercial").

Second place - net, these are domains, interpreted as "networks" and the third place, it is astonishing - edu, that is educational portals. To be exact, the name, denoting educational resources, by default. To the point, about geographical domains.

There is the first level domain registered in the Internet, having the extension aq., given to Antarctic. However, no matter how amazing it is, there is not a single computer, registered with this domain. :) It`s an excurse.

Let`s go on. So, of course, the fraudsters can be located on any hostings. But recently some peculiar cynicism is to be observed among fraudsters, registering their sites, simply… on the second level domains or even on the third level ones! Why is it so bad? It`s not so bad at all.

The thing is that these domains are mostly… given for free! If the domain doesn`t belong to an Internet company or certain directions of any organization, nobody needs them! If it`s the geographical domain, with the extension, indicating the city or country - it`s ok, but any domain with the extension "wrt.com" can hardly be considered to be normal.

The scammers seem to appear mostly on these free domains. Recently two programs, located on the free hosting http://cjb.net/ have been discovered. We warned our readers, saying that these HYIPs are suspicious. Then we carried out some sort of investigation, while writing the article and discovered the number of scammers, located on this service!

So, our list has increased: H O M I G O L D, Fast 210%, Cleveland HYIP, Accurate Shot, 30~Something. Not bad, isn`t it? Then we discovered one more similar HYIP in the "black list". How many people have fallen into traps like that, nobody knows.

Here are some more "outstanding" scammers, locating on free resources, that is to confirm our thesis: Gold HYIP (http://www.freewebs.com/goldhyip/), it`s the third level domain, and it`s even written in the address: free webs. What can we expect from these guys? Nobody knows. Money Maker, have also been located on the free hosting: http://www. r8.org/, allowing redirecting the sites as well. As you can see, there is direct evidence of regularity.

Besides, even if free hosting allows registering sites having decent names, it`s worth paying attention to their functionality. The thing is that any service, used by modern sites ()such as high versions of php, MySQL and many others), do cost much money.

And you need enough space. That`s why if, for instance, there is no typical PhpBB forum on the site (the engine, requiring MySQL) or InvisionBoard, it should put you on the guard.
Don`t be like babes in the wood.

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