Principle of Working with HYIP Funds

Updated: 03/01/2005 23:39
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Why in plural? Don't put all your eggs in one basket!
Allocate your gold to different funds and if some of them fail others will make you much profit!

Before depositing in a fund you should do the following:

  • Check hosting and IP-address (find out who is registered, where and when).
  • Find out the date of establishing of a fund.
    The period of time a fund operates forms certain opinion of investors that you can find out at various forums.
  • Visit ratings and forums concerning this fund that will represent real state of affairs.
  • Read terms and conditions carefully, if any (do not even consider a project with no rules).
  • Pay attention to terms of calculating interest and its rate (it is generally supposed that funds paying less that 2%
    a day of principal deposit are more reliable and last longer).
  • Start with small amounts (usually you can always add money).
  • Pay attention to withdrawal policy. Payouts may accumulate on site account and are paid on request.
    Alternatively payouts are transferred automatically to your E-Gold account, they are of course more preferred!
  • Following these simple rules you can minimize the risk of being swindled by scammers!

Of course the risk always exists and will exist and you are always guaranteed to get surge of adrenalin to your blood.
But when all is OK you feel unique pleasure and victory when you check your E-Gold account that grows daily.

From our experience you are advised to start with small amounts, join 3-5 funds and then you will see the first results and don't forget that all funds have referral bonuses from investments of your referrals!!

Generally speaking the nature of HYIP programs almost always implies closing in certain period of their life circle. Therefore, one of the principles of joining these programs says: enter them as early as possible and return your investments before these programs exhaust their resources for development. The faster you return you investment and the higher the interest rate you earn the better but such program most likely will close earlier.

Nevertheless many of these programs are well designed and developed to work as long as they can (according to statistics the HYIP life term is between 6 months and 2 years, although there may be long lasting projects). On the other hand there are programs that are aimed at very fast profit. As a rule such programs have short life term and you may not achieve the desired rate of return. It means they do not always honestly fulfill what they proclaim but you can earn high returns on them!

It is always better to invest smaller amounts in several projects than to invest all amount in one project!!!

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