The Stages of Investor Evolution

Updated: 03/05/2005 16:22
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Every investor-beginner should know what would happen to him. What he will constitute in a year, 2 years, and maybe sooner. The thing is that investment world is a cruel world, it breaks humans' lives, changes people. Investor is different from other people. He is confused, always attentive in life, when someone is trying to cheat him he shouts "SCAM!".

The same thing appears in his head when the traffic light is not changing for a long time or when his wife refuses to talk to him. There is no sin in suspecting of kids being DDOS attacked after sleepless watching the monitor, cause they haven`t shown their face for some days. Indeed, the life of investor is very complex. However, he has one peculiar value, everyone is proud of, everyone sticks to and everyone takes care of most of all - EXPERIENCE.

Experience for investor, especially in HYIP sphere is like a personal level increasing (income pro rata), and that`s why it`s extremely important. We imagined that investor lives a special life in the Internet, evolution, development, resulting in… death. It`s a joke. Investors don`t die. Luckily, there is no average life in the Internet, that`s why there`s no need to die, though it`s necessary to develop.

So, young investor. Rough and ignorant. He doesn`t orientate himself in the system in principle, he thinks that HYIP - is an Internet-abbreviation, like FAQ. He looks slow-witted and foolish. It`s hard to believe that we all used to be like that before. However, he has money, he wants to invest somewhere. Such people like to say the phrase "make the money work" a lot. So, young and inexperienced person with the money comes to Internet and… deposits it. Where to?

Not, it`s not a small opportunity with small amounts, it`s the program, offering 200% daily and with the investment threshold of 1000 USD. Yes, it`s the meanness rule. Not meanness, to be exact, it`s foolishness. Of course, maybe for somebody it`s not even 1000 USD, just 200. Where do You think this came from: "Don`t invest more than You can afford to lose". Yes, from there as well. You don`t think all investors are silly, do You? No, just inexperienced. And, if investor doesn`t go offline after such a blow, thinking: "once and for all", then he won`t achieve much experience. But if he is lucky, and he saved his money, he can`t earn much experience. :)) HYIP losses are also a kind of investing.

What goes then? Then he turns into… forum flooder. The beginner opens the forum revelation for himself. He starts to hang about everywhere where it`s possible, posting the most terrible messages about the most terrible scammers. If You ever meet a kind of irate post from just registered forum inhabitant, it`s a beginner. Though there is also an underside. Flooding the forums in such a way, one may keep something in mind and beginner gains new experience.

Bracing up and gaining some knowledge, beginner certainly starts to grasp what it's all about. HYIP is consonant to the word "money", and the first fixed and (surely) brilliant strategy appears. Investor moves towards his banking account… And… most likely, he comes out victor. Victor, cause he didn`t lose. Because, it`s almost "0".

What goes then? Then the most pleasant and calm evolution stage begins.
Experience. Experience is the most valuable category in the investment world. Much more than money. Of course, You can gain experience from such sources as our resource, but, Your own experience - is the most valuable.

Only then, on the last stage, being experienced enough investor can open his own program! Now the career - has nothing to do with the career of investor, it`s a career of a person, handling investors` money, the most responsible and pleasant stage, but at the same time - the most difficult.

Although… You can always remain to be only investor.
We wish to take the final evolution stage ASAP. And maybe even more and higher. :) Good luck!

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