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Updated: 03/27/2005 02:40
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Very often, almost constantly and above all everybody hears: to get information about any program, to be exact, to check its legitimacy, it should be tested with the test questions.

Today we`ll try to prompt You what questions in particular should be asked best of all. It would be better not just to say "to learn", just to explain the principles of successful interviewing. Not every investor is a journalist, You know.

Of course, it`s probably important to take into account that the purpose of Your interviewing is getting specific information. Knowing the purpose, You will be aware of what should be done. That`s why clarify Yourself. It will help You.

The second thing, very important...; HYIP admin don`t answer very often. That`s why we mean an ideal situation, when admin can`t escape from Your questions, due to some successful reasons.

First of all, try to know the name of a person, You communicate with. It often happens that some programs` authors have long history and, if he is honest, You may find his former successes and failures, and examine them. Even if the name is new, cheer up!

Anyway, it`s an impressive means for different tests. For instance, asking the question whether he has an economic education and learning the place he was studying, You can test him.

Speaking about geographic location, You don`t have to be afraid that practically nobody can name the exact address. Here it`s better to be refuse- than to receive false answer. Although, both the first and the second variants, are equally unpleasant. Here in this question it`s important for You to hear WHAT will be the answer of an admin. If he lies - it`s one thing. If he refuses - completely another. If he partly lies - it`s the third thing.

The thing is that admins know themselves that HYIP is a risky venture and if they disappear or refuse, it` won`t be good for them. Moreover, You know their address. It`s a real danger, and You can hardly have a physical address, You can go to and have a cup of tea with the admin, as some investors used to drink coffee with Charles Ponzi. Everyone remembers how it came to the end. So, draw conclusions.

Here is the thing, it makes no sense for admin to lie about...; whether it`s tested via Internet, or it can be seen via Internet. For example, the career of an investor in the real life is an important question, though not a vital one, if You don`t know the name of the admin. In the Internet - it`s more substantial.

Then there should be qualifying questions: where?, what were You doing?, whom did You know?, how long? If he was an investor, it would be nice to know, what were the arguments, proving that he would succeed to manage the money independently.

Yes, now it`s about the money. Concerning its utilization, ask as many questions and as often as it`s possible.

Never stop. What for? "You know, he can lie all the time?", what`s the sense. First of all, he won`t be able to tell lies more than he knows, that is, You will see what he knows and what he doesn`t. In the process ask some more questions. Some leading and test ones.

Secondly, it would be ABSOLUTELY useful for You to know AS MUCH AS IT IS POSSIBLE about the way Your money will be used.

Professionalism - extremely important component. So, if he alleges that he will sell rabbits somewhere in the Wild West, this variant is exhausted and if it`s FOREX, then let him give You any information, confirming and proving the fact he can be trusted.

Because often such an answer can be heard: "FOREX, gold and other means to generate high profits." Terrific! Don`t believe them. People must be engaged in the business, they are good at, not dealing with anything they could get.

How can we say that we will be engaged in EVERYTHING, if it`s very hard to deal with this EVERYTHING and successfully (by the way check, whether he has a team in such a way and how many of them?

If there are 2-3 of them, don`t believe them - they will spend Your money faster than You transfer them). That`s why, make it as much clear as it`s possible.

Remember some important technical moments. You MUST write down the conversation, save it and keep it, even if may not be in use for You (now), and second - ask "Yes" or "No" questions as less often as it`s possible.

Asking that type of question You give admin chance to slip out. Of course, it`s not just a game "cat-and-mouse", but it`s not enough to answer "YES" or "NO" for the constructive talk. In this case YOU talk, and it should be HE to talk. In short, make him talk.

And as much as You can. In case of emergency ask him to tell You about his childhood, his attitude towards fishes, of course it`s better to make him talk about HYIP market, what are his perspectives, what he is longing for.

You can ask a clever question concerning the mission. By the way it will also open one important truth for You - what kind of person the admin is. Clever, stupid, quick-witted or sly. It is important. He will handle Your money.

Many people think that if they don`t get any answer, it`s OK, sometimes one can meet rude and not good answers. Then investors, who heard a lot about this program, shut their eyes to it. In no circumstances! Get Your own way, have self-respect. There is no little of money.

This person is just obliged to take care of the money to work with, otherwise, it`s not a job, and if he treats like that, it shows the manner of communication as a whole and...; the way he manages Your money as well. Be wiser.

For instance, such a question can be found in one of hyipinvestment interviews, whose reputation has recently been slightly blackened: Have you ever had late payments? Try to guess, the answer of the admin, trying to escape with Your money?

Right You are - the answer is - "No". That`s why You can ask thee sort of questions as a matter of form. In this particular case we are interested in a program presentation first of all. Doing all possible to "start" it with the help of documentation.

Just to start. "Here You said that You are not going to steal...;" lt`s say it once again. For us it`s extremely important to get information, which can be checked afterwards, roughly speaking - to catch admin lying. Of course, it shouldn`t look remind of a circus, one can find in some espionage programs.

In short, don`t hesitate. If You succeed, You welcome to our forum, to communicate. :)

Good luck and wish You talkative interlocutor.

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