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Updated: 05/01/2005 16:44
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In our educating articles to the newbies almost all the time we are trying to suggest an idea that any cooperation with a program should start with communication. Feedback, that`s the thing HYIP market is lack of today. That's why, in particular, we have been laying emphasis lately on getting as much information as it is possible as investors. Now You can see the results of it on our site, interviews, particularly. Though, there`s too much we could learn and get that remains off screen. In today`s article we`d like to show You the way programs communicate, if You haven`t seen it yet.

So, we totally put ourselves in the role of investors. We became investors. And, the same way as we advice everyone to start with communication, we did the same as well, we started with communication. And if not everyone, whether because of being lazy or lack of experience don`t want to get as much maximum information about program as it is possible (to avoid unnecessary losses), we think it`s possible for us to help with this, bringing this information to You. As it was mentioned in the preamble - we ask...

First a big fly in the ointment. Programs CATEGORICALLY reject to communicate. Whatever You say, there`s a "danger" mentality in the head of every admin. You write of Your willing to learn more about investments, they keep silence... You write that You know the reasons why investors are afraid of them, they keep silence... whatever You tell them, they keep silence. And they "try" it as hard as they can. We wrote a letter with the subject: ARE YOU SCAM? Only then they showed some signs of life... 3 (!) programs.

To tell the truth, mostly they were offended and expressed not quite complimentary emotions. These are, in particular, Infinity OIG and respected FastMarket. However, Fast Market should be given due, they answered our excuses highly and now they are getting the interview ready. Speaking about Infinity OIG, they didn`t want to deal with us. In return, it`s now known for certain, their customer care is working and it`s a great advantage for them. Well done!

Some programs know nothing about communicating with customers. How is it going on now? We invest money, wait for the profit to come, if we don`t receive the profit, we write a letter. The message like that appears on forums: no payouts, no answers to e-mails - scam. Whay not to do it the other way round? We did it. And the results are interesting.

The following programs were put to the "black" list of ours: Surf4dollarplus, Super Profit, Top Investment, Private-Profit, Intercav, Trading Experts, HMHyip, FXcapitalGR. The list is big enough... these are the programs, not answering the mails from their customers. Later on, they will be described most like as: not paying, not answering e-mails. Why do we think like that?

First of all they received a pretty amount of letters, including the one, saying: "Dear administrators, we think that customer support service is the constituent part of a program`s honest work. We sent You a series of mails, though received not a single answer. We assume, it`s a technical error, though, if it is so, You customer support service is simply not functioning! We are sorry...". Well then... we don`t recommend You to deal with programs like that.

Why? You just take a closer look at the list. Can You see Intercav, FXCapilta Goup? THESE ARE THE FRAUDSTERS. The same can be said about Surf4dollarplus. That`s not all... almost all of these programs were noticed to have problems with payouts... enough of proofs?

Not everything is so bad. We have some good news, of course the best of them can be observed several issues in a row, when we published interviews with famous programs. That`s the "peak" of our communication. Besides, now You can have the hottest news on the market directly "at first hand". Read the news line. :)

Though, there was a transition type of the programs that answered on the one hand, and on the other hand... they didn`t answer our replies. So, Smart Mover Alliance, for example, good program in fact. None of our familiar investors had claims to it, though they informed us of thinking about giving interview to us... well, they are still thinking. Sorry for that. Let`s hope they will decide take a decision.

Extra-Bank, Exelon-Finance, how did the guys excel? No, please don`t treat them badly. Fortunately, we know nothing bad about them. They even replied our messages, showing they are still working. They have customer care working. It`s just after sending mails, they fell silent without a trace. As if they were not saying: "As soon As possible ,We`ll answer your questions. Thnaks." (punctuation and spelling are original, no censored).

And Exelon-Finance`s admin showed his direct interests in communication: "Yes, off course! I am ready to answer your questions. Feel free to ask them, and I hope then I will be able to publish this interview at our forum..." You must have not taken into account how guileful our questions are :)

The main thing - to satisfy informative needs of our readers. No, please, treat us right, everything is fine with these programs and we hope it will be like that further on. They just can`t communicate to the programs and are afraid to open themselves. Let`s hope that sooner or later even these guys will answer us.

By the way, do You remember that guy, Patrick Johnson was his name? He received letters from us... not a single one. the thing is that we started our spring deposit campaign and investigated the market before his pyramid started to collapse. was really popular a lot. And we decided to test them. You`ve seen our materials after that.

We sent him our letters, he remained silent, we resent them. Can You remember why did Charles Ponzi`s pyramid collapse? Because people started to doubt, they started to ask him, getting interested... and then he decided to vanish. Maybe the same thing is here? Why do we need to keep silent? It`s not worth...

We published a "manual", helping to make up an "interview" of a program in one of the previous issues. Our results, distinctly showing programs` attitude to communications processes in practice can be an addition to that... we hope to make You glad with such information further on.
Good luck and communication sessions!

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