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Updated: 05/01/2005 16:09
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Out of great experience of working in HYIP sphere, a certain character of a scammer, hiding beyond hopeless NOT PAID, has been formed. Though, not everything is so simple, despite all usual fraud schemes, very often there happen distinctive features, peculiar to this or that... type of scammers. Today we want to share our thoughts on the subject of scammers "classification". So, take into consideration...

To start with I'd like to deny the as if usual for everyone axiom "all HYIP is SCAM", it's not like this in fact. HYIP hasn't appeared from nowhere. It was not Charles Ponzi, who originated HYIP. It appeared of the REAL opportunity to make such money in this world and someone really makes it. To tell the truth… sometimes on the other people. That's why, let's not invest with gloomy faces, saying: "they will escape all the same". No, not necessary. Actually, yes. They will escape, if they are scammers. Depending on the type, given below (the names are absolutely relative), You can count on certain scenario.

- Looking for fools!
It's the most widespread type of scam, which can be observed abundantly in the addresses, finishing with CJB.NET. You click the link and there's the site, designed for 30 minutes from the templates, found on public resources. Sometimes, even without them. The most primitive scam, counted upon the same investors. "Looking for fools!" doesn't buy ads, doesn't purchase the PR, it's just laid out, looking for someone to enter and invest money. Not many brains are needed to reveal the traps like that. They don't just write on the top: we are scammers. I'm afraid they don't even pay the initial payout, i.e. don't pay from the beginning. That's it.

- Cut the way through – that's the main thing.
This type of scammers is "better". They have more or less reasonable site, their address is *.com. however, the resource doesn't of course original design, most likely it's template-like, met on 1/3 of all the HYIP. Though you can earn with these guys. They don't vanish immediately, but try to earn more money. And their willing to earn more gives investors chance to earn as well. If it's given 30 days in their "rating" that is manually made most often, it's better not to touch them.

The guys worked "wonderfully well" and now they are going to have rest. Though, we should admit, there happen to be glad exceptions. But, these are nothing but exceptions. Why do we call them: "Cut the way through – that's the main thing"? That's because the following test perfectly demonstrates who they are. Mail them. :) You won't receive any answer. Mail them once again. Mail them every day and You'll see the guys reving. Publish Your message, saying they are not communicating to You.

Gold2005, did the same way in their fright, when we started to ask them, whether they are scam or not. They launched new plan with unreal interest, scaring all their investors away and was left almost with nothing. No, things like that can't be excused. For instance we started to mail to FX Capital Group and they closed immediately. And stopped paying out funds. Only the site is working.

It's OK, the site is going to be closed soon. Lousy scammers! In the end programs like that just keep silent and move ahead to a successful finish. By the way these scammers are starting to use ads, which can be seen on some less expensive and interesting resources.

- The more - the better
It's a transition type between "good" and "miserable" scammer. HYIP like that bring profit, doubling Your fortune. For example, You invest 100$, You have 200$ in 2 days. Easily, no swindle. The truth is that they are working for a short time… though it depends on whether they are going to try using Your funds to last longer or on how much of their own finances do they have to maintain the system functioning. The name of this type of scammers appeared from the fact they resort to a very good strategy in the process of their work.

They buy maximum of ads possible, and they declare maximum interest, and they allow minimum investment amount and they make maximum referral commission… they need to take more people ready to pay them more. They have 100% daily and they ARE paying! They purchase expensive ads spaces on the best resources, in the best ratings and they go ahead like crazy. The basic unique opportunity of such programs – is real payment completion… that happens rarely enough, agree with that. Though they are not so hard to define.

- Scam – is the piece of art.
The last of the evident types programs, those gambling "till final victory", being smart and accurate. There are programs You can never tell – they are not working. Some programs are working for years, proving, they are really WORKING. And there are programs, You can't resist investing, i.e. they correspond to all normal requirements, and they are paying money, but… something is wrong here… that's the type of scam programs that needs possessing certain skills.

They look nice and claim to make some sort of business, but this statement doesn't give confidence. In the upshot they quit the market, with no hope as well. However, they are worth dealing with. That's why we talk of them as scammers, meaning the are "good scammers". Such teams give confidence with their original site, their customer care is working perfectly, answering the messages and questions. Sometimes they even can lie in a perfect way.

Their ads is good enough, their opportunities are interesting that don't smell like "invest 1$ - get 100$"… but they are scam. Well then, despite this, it's possible to earn with this type of programs and You should strive for accumulating to invest Your own funds. Anyway, they are a sort of rare exception, when bad doesn't mean bad at all .
Be attentive.

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