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Updated: 06/15/2005 20:31
Hyip Monitor
Hello, dear Brian.

First of all let us greet you on behalf of our readers. Of course, one can hardly find a person in the investment world, who would know nothing about you, but... Unfortunately, nobody knows you more than with the famous nick "talkgold". Please, tell the people who is this guy in the real life?

Do you have a family, children? If you do - where do you live, what's your name?
- Well, I just graduated college about a year ago. I'm 23 years old, no wife or kids quite yet. I live in New Jersey, USA. I enjoy doing activities outside like kayaking, playing sports, going to the gym.
What's your hobby? How do you live? Are you a gambling man?
- My hobbies are pretty much running my sites (not all HYIP related), and having fun. I enjoy going to the beach, and doing outdoor sports.

Are investments your main job?
- Well My main job is running my sites. A lot of the sites are related to investing. I majored in Economics in college so I enjoy discussing various investing methods.

Do you have many friends? Are they also constantly working on-line?
- I have friends that I hang out with several times a week. Most of them I met in college or high school. No, they do not typically involve themselves in running websites or investing in HYIPs.

Please, tell us your story how you were involved in the mysterious and intriguing world of virtual business? Was it always investments ONLY?
- I've been running websites for almost 8 years now. No, they were not all investment related. HYIP and investment sites account for about 1/3 the sites I run currently.

How was TalkGold originated? Tell us a couple of words about the team of this magnificent forum?
- Talkgold started about 27 months ago. I found there was a need for a forum where HYIP investors could discuss the investing arena with other people like themselves. There really wasn't anything out there with much quality information, so I started my own site.

My Brother Ed helps me run Talkgold as well as the other sites in the network. There are numerous moderators who do a great job. I don't think any of the original mods are still with us however.

TalkGold is indeed the most popular and famous uniting center for the whole world of virtual investments. As the admin, would you please, tell us the story of originating the forum, its main stages of development?

- Well, like I said above, I started the forum about 27 months ago. Initially it was set up as a forum only, but since then I have added a stock blog, Main listing page, and investing article archive. We have another related rating site about to launch soon.

It would also be interesting for our readers to know your opinion about our resource?
- I think it's a great site that will be a fantastic resource in the future.

As a real professional, please, tell your opinion of the HYIP arena nowadays. What's the stage of its development? What trends are going to be the most remarkable in the nearest future? What should we expect? What programs, services may appear?

- Well, I don't think the HYIP arena has changed much over the last few years. Sites have gotten a little more sophisticated and investors a little smarter. I think the future all depends on what types of risks investors are willing to take. Doublers and Cyclers seemed to have dies out, and a hybrid of HYIP/Autosurf have emerged.

Brian, please tell us, what is HYIP for you? :)
- Actually I have not been investing much into programs. Some people say I should since I get a lot of inside info from programs which advertise with us. I have stayed away from investing into programs mainly because

I feel it can get in the way of my neutral stance on things. Also I don't have the time to make good decisions right now for investing into programs.

Let us into a great secret... Do you invest in HYIP? :)
- I have invested in the past, but currently am not involved in any programs.

Have you ever been scammed?
- Yes, I did loose quite a bit of money in NovaLights. This was the last program I invested into.

Another question, concerning your job... Is Brian going to participate and/or organize some sort of a super popular investment project in the nearest future? Or are you planning to work on it? What exactly?

- I will never open an HYIP myself, or get involved in one's admin side. I do have plans on launching some new types of rating sites in the near future to help cut down on the problems of fake votes among rating sites.

As usually in the end of our mail you may tell anything you want to the readers of ours. Of course it can be a farewell to them, though we'd like to know something about you as a person, that's why we leave this field for your free thoughts, concerning HYIP, life, your job...

- It was a pleasure responding to this interview. I just want to say that Talkgold has gotten a bad reputation in the past. I think this is because program cheerleaders and admins don't like the fact that we allow freedom of speech.

I have been called all sorts of names in the past, from a scammer, to a liar, to a crook. I'm not really sure why, but I assure anyone reading this I will never get involved in scamming anyone. I am here to help people learn about the risks and rewards of the HYIP arena.

Brian, thanks a lot for this interesting interview. We are sure - our readers will enjoy it.
Good luck to you with all the undertakings and personal life. :)

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