What to do if your E-gold was Stolen?

Updated: 08/31/2005 17:23
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"Anything may happen in the cruel and dangerous HYIP world", for sure this phrase come up in the heads of many young investors and on a certain stage it starts to seem that they turned out to be somewhere in the labyrinth and there's no way out, all around there's danger and scam.

But all this is likely to be an interesting game that has its own rules, allowing many people to survive and make money. And one of such these rules concerns you basic "gold" account, usually in e-gold. You may think - that's the key to everything and you should keep it like the basics. Though... even if it was lifted, don't fall in despair... not everything is lost!

We hope you are a conscious holder of the gold account, and every conscious holder makes at least minimum efforts to keep it from fraudsters. Of course there's a variant when fraudsters simply hack your account somehow, even then the main purpose is access, which is locked beyond the password or the key. That's way actually you should beware of various mailings that harm your state and wallet, swindling out your passwords. Such mailings cost not much and one mistake may lead to irreversible losses. But, is it really so irreversible?

Periodically on different forums, chats or mailings one can come across the messages from different investors, saying that their site has been hacked, the third parties accessed it, and now all the money is stolen. Moreover, even programs' admins write about such things and often the problems of a program are said to occur because of a notorious hacker, who hacked the security system and stole all the money. Things like that often happen. But, is it really true? No, that's another question.

In case something like that happened every investor goes to forum first of all, informing that his account has been stolen. Program does the same, though it does it for the purpose of proving its innocence. Though, in fact, it can take its money back in case it follows some formalities (you will know of them later on). In its case everything is clear, and why investors post on forums - that's not clear.

Of course there is a way out, when you try to publish all the data known about a fraudster and you account in different black lists. In such a way maybe someone will be caught. Moreover, quite efficient can be the attempts to figure out on IP and things like that, but there you can come across the info, which is hardly can be authentic. Hence, posting on forums will hardly help. And now we'll explain why.

You should realize the situation clearly. Your account in some certain organization has become the account of another guy. He can do anything there on behalf of your name, the only small drawback - he is not YOU. Hence all the transactions proceed smoothly. Except... your personal data.

So, we have an organization that can solve your problem, we also have your personal information, it only matters. Particularly these two components is the key, with the help of which you have chance to take your money back. Now get ready to listening.

Of course you may start fighting for your account from your independent or your friends' investigation, but maximum it will result in - you will find the fraudster, though you won't get your money back. Otherwise you would just have to steal it from him. "One-sided" transactions, only "one-sided transactions" - and it means that transactions are only realized in one direction. Moreover you can easily defile the fraudster, exposing him to the audience. But only e-gold administration can get your money back to your wallet. Only the admin of this site, nothing else. Just like that.

Maybe some legislative bodies or the authorities? No, this can't be regulated like that. And... moreover - only you are responsible for your security. The administration is not responsible! Moreover, administration is intended to help you, but it DOESN'T HAVE TO, and they are not even entitled to disclose the fraudster's IP (the one he accessed your account)!

Instead they can assist in solving the problem. If you have just one snag to it. If you have REAL PERSONAL INFORMATION (remember, the one you indicated during registration). And now the admin will need all the smallest details from that form, which seemed so useless to you before. But if you haven't indicated some information, nothing will help you at all! No hackers or legal authorities can take money from e-gold. Of course, you can bring an action against them (and the admin speaks about it frankly), though you should count all the expenses of this process and the benefit you will have in case you get your money back. Maybe it's not worth of it.

So first of all, you mail the admin. There in the mail you tell your story very thoroughly and clearly. You indicate your real info and it should coincide with the one in the form. You get the reply soon, though it will be standard. Right after you insist on your right, maybe they wil talk to you and you will be accessed. Though don't think it will be soon. Just the other way round. Besides, solving the question depends on the amount on your account. The more money you have - the better it is.

If you indicate real, complete data the question may be solved. You just need to be persistent, don't hide anything and resist the suppression. Besides your stolen account can be somehow blocked by the e-gold administration in some cases, in other cases it can be set up with different minimums. That's why prompt appealing on the problem occurred is appreciated. Even if the thief transferred your money somewhere else, more often it can be traced and somehow reached.

What to do if the information you indicate is not real and incomplete? Well - more likely the only thing left is to lament. Actually you have way outs, though administration will not give your money just because you have the same last name with the one, mentioned in the registration form. Here you should have relied on yourself BEFORE and stick to the safety regulations strictly. Alas, alas!

We hope nothing of that kind will ever happen to you but if anything happens - our advices will be useful for you and you will get your money back. Good luck!

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