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Updated: 09/10/2005 19:32
Hyip Monitor
"I love carrots, that's why I call myself Rabbit." :)

Hello, dear Rabbit. Of course the first request in the interview is to introduce yourself. What's your name, where do you live?

- My name is A.K Williamson and I live in Toronto Canada.

You should understand, we wanted to communicate with you because you are one of the most interesting representatives of the HYIP investors' "elite". But it's just one side of your life, known to all of us. Lift the veil of mystery from the side we don't know - what do you do in your real life? What kind of person are you? Do you have a family? What are doing for pleasure?

- This is a very interesting question. Well I am 26 years old. I am not yet married, but I do have 2 of my 3 younger brothers living with me. My mom also lives with me. My biggest investment thus far is my home, which I bought 2 years ago.

In terms of what I do - up until 3 weeks ago I was an assistant supervisor at a call center operation. Right now I am unemployed. But I am not complaining. It gives me more time to focus on the HYIP arena and my investment objectives.

In terms of what I like. I love all kind of music. Music keeps me going. I also like cycling - and would often ride around on the trails in the city. I am developing a liking for travel - but I would need to get a constant flow of HYIP cash to feed that habit.

Do you have any hobbies?
- See above.

Please, tell us how did you start your investment life? When? How were you interested on it? Whether it's just as the way to earn money? Or there was something else? Before starting to work with investments online, have you worked with them in the real life or not?

- Well I really started to get into investments in 1998 when I was about 19 or so. I have always been a big saver. I have been saving as far as I can remember (around 3 years old). In 1999 one of my friends told me about a Mutual Fund he got involved in - and I signed up for that. That was my foray into the real life investment world. I opened a stock account and got into that sphere starting in 2000. Even now I trade penny stocks listed on the OTCBB once in a while. I always knew I wanted to be Financially Free, and figured getting saving and getting into investments was the way to do it.

My first foray into HYIPS was May 2004. My first HYIP was PIPS, as some of you already know. I have since been in about 50+ HYIPS. Of course I got scammed a lot at the beginning when I was just starting out. But I learned a lot from the experience and now work very hard to make sure other newbies do not fall into the same trap.

Judging about you from the Internet, you are a very sociable and cheery person. Are you the same kind of person in life? Do you have many friends? How do you keep in touch with them?

- Wow this is an interesting question. Yes I do have quite a lot of friends - from different religions, cultures, ethnic backgrounds etc. I do keep up with them as much as I can from time to time (most via phone or IM). I can be sociable when I want to be. But often times I prefer to have some private time to myself. I also tend to stay out of the limelight. I am actually a shy guy in person ;).

We are always interested in one and the same question in our interviews: "what is the future of HYIP"? As a professional you definitely have your own opinion about this. Please, share it with us.

- I think the future of HYIPS is into private programs. This is where the serious money is going to go in the future. You will still have the $10 minimum ponzi schemes, but they will be treated only as games. People will be investing with admins that they know (or feel that they know) and trust. In the future, people will want to meet and see and talk to the admins. You won't find a lot of people putting 1K or more spends into programs run by anonymous admins with no proof of anything.

We managed to know that none of the most famous high yield investors (Steve, Loretta, Brian) managed to avoid the scam. :) Have you also been scammed?

- Yes I have been scammed several times - especially when I just started out. I am much more smarter now and know how to filter much of the scams out there.

Do you personally invest into HYIP or it's just like a hobby, and at the same time do you make use of other investment opportunities?

- Well HYIP is a little of both. It is a hobby and I also take my investments seriously. Keep in mind that I plan to live off my money I gain from HYIPS in the next couple of months. As time goes by I plan to take some of my HYIP profits and put it into more secure investments that I have control over (such as managed forex, real estate etc.).

Rabbit, you are very associate with communication. Entering your forum to the hottest topics and anywhere, where it's necessary you come across your messages. They are always laconic, wise and useful. You always wonder - how does he manage that? Please, tell us, how do you manage that?

- Well I often put a lot of thought into my responses to people. I like to help people. Sometimes people do not agree with what I have to say - and that is OK too. I am not into the business of forcing my opinion down anyone's throat. We are all here to make money - not to waste time on inane arguments on who is right and who is wrong on a particular topic.

And, do you refer yourself to the category of people who think - "communication is everything"? You know, while communicating it's possible to learn something new, tell the news etc.? What is the communication between people in real life, online, about investments or something else for a Man (from the capital letter)?

- Yes communication is very important. In my book, bad news is better than no news at all. At least everyone knows where they stand when there is communication. This is one of the reasons why I employ a less strict moderation style at HYIPD. I am all for the dissemination of information and freedom of speech - provided that it does not interfere with others and does do more harm than good.

Dear Rabbit, each of investors, who knows you well, remembers you from Hyipdiscussions, please, tell us your secret - do you often talk on other forums? And why?

- Well HYIPDiscussion is my home base. It was the first forum that I discovered while researching PIPS in 2004 and it grew on me. I remember when I first visited the forum there was only a few posters there - now it has grown significantly - to the point that it takes hours to keep up with all the new posts every day.

I also visit TalkGold, and Golden-Horizons from time to time when I am looking for specific information. I also visit and participate in general money forums like and Smartphone sites such as I am a big smart phone fan. I have owned several smart phones since 2002.

What is a "HYIP forum" for you, what should it be? What should be there? What are the criteria to say: "yes, I'll stay to post on this forum"?

- A HYIP forum should have posters that respect the views and opinions of others. Forums that have name-calling and unnecessary profanity are a big turn off for me. I find that people that resort to name-calling have nothing more to say or contribute so they resort to calling names. I am interested in adult conversations about HYIPS - not some juvenile tug of war.

For me to post on a forum it must have interesting content that is unique to the forum. There is no point posting and joining a forum to talk about the same exact thing I post and talk about at HYIPD. But there are people that can make a forum interesting even if the same topics are discussed. I would be willing to post in such a forum as well.

What does HYIPdiscussion give you personally?

- Well I have met a lot of interesting people on HYIPD. Its like a big HYIPland family there. I really enjoy reading and responding to what people have to say - even though I disagree with some of what is said.

Have you ever had a desire to make up high yield investment programs on your own, being a person who knows so much about high yield investments?

- At a matter of fact I have, I am currently exploring the possibility of starting a private loan fund program based on Managed Forex. But any such program would have to be legit and aboard. I have nothing to hide - so I am not into the anonymous admin business. It's doubtful that I would start a public HYIP since I live in Canada and there are legal restrictions to this kind of thing.

What are the plans for the nearest future, if it's not a secret of course? Both real and virtual ones?

- Well I am exploring starting my own Private Loan Fund (strictly invite only from me). I am also looking at other private opportunities out there. Offline, I am working towards buying a condo in downtown Toronto so I can be closer to the city center. But a lot will depend on how well my HYIP and other investment programs perform over the next year to two years.

Our traditional question interesting not just for the admin but for the numerous readers as well: you opinion about our resource? Keep in mind, we don't ask this question as a matter of form and not to make you praise us. You are welcome with the telling criticism and unprintable vocabulary. :)

- I really think you have a good thing going here. I enjoy the information you post on HYIPD as well. I find it very informative and to the point. I can only see it getting better and better as time goes by.

The image you chose for the life in the virtual investment life is rabbit - very nice and kind creature, and at the same time - impetuous and bright one, you can't keep up with him. We wish you to be like that further on in the real life and investment world, so that no one could keep up with you, and we wish destiny would bring nothing but pleasant surprises to you.

- Ha ha. Well Rabbit is one of three monikers I use online. I use Rabbit and Irabbit on HYIP related forums. But in non-HYIP related forums I use Yardie. Also people who have me on their Instant Messengers see me listed as AkWo. I love carrots, that's why I call myself Rabbit.

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