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Updated: 09/30/2005 19:36
Hyip Monitor
Good day, dear Forwardone. Many people know you, and many certainly know you in the real life as well. Though the wide circle of investors unfortunately don't know your name, despite your fame. Would you introduce yourself? How old are you?

- My name is Geoff, I like to think of myself as `young middle aged.` lol

Also it would be interesting to know what is hiding behind the monitor screen. Do you have family, kids, where were you born, where did you grow up, where do you live now?

- I`m divorced, and I have 2 sons who are married, and a daughter (who still lives at home with me). I was born in Manchester in the north of England. Although I`ve moved around a bit I`ve always lived in the Manchester region where I still live today.

And the final "form" question: what do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies? Are you a gambling man?

- Well, I enjoy some sports, football (soccer) and cricket. Nowadays I tend to be more of a spectator than a participant, although in the summer I do sometimes get to play cricket with a group of others on a Saturday. Having recently watched England win the Ashes back from Australia was great fun and it`s given cricket a much needed boost in this country, both from a spectator point of view and more younger ones wanting to participate in the game too.

When I have the time, and manage to get a ticket, I also like to go and watch my favourite football team, Manchester United at Old Trafford.
As far as me being a gambling man, not really, apart from the gamble of HYIP`s.

And now, Forwardone, let's move on to the investments and more interesting questions. and the first one will be like that: well, what kind of person is Forwardone, why is he called like that, and what does this nick mean? Is it the reflection of a real man and to what extent?

- To be honest when I joined the Web Life forum I chose a username which the Admin told me was very close to the name of a particular program which had recently closed and was in the process of issuing refunds. He suggested that to avoid confusion it might be better to choose another name if I wanted to, which I did. How I decided on forwardone I can`t remember, but perhaps there`s some deep rooted reason about me always trying to look forward than behind, I`m not sure.

Please, tell, how were you involved into HYIP? Was it HYIP (or some other kinds of investments) that came to your internet, or was it internet that came to investments you were dealing with in the real life?

- I got a computer for the first time about 4/5 years ago, the main reason being that my daughter needed access to a computer for her school/college work. Before that computers never really interested me.

I decided that having bought a computer I`d take the next step and get connected to the Internet.
Having done that, and `self-teaching` myself on the operation of the computer, I thought it`d perhaps be fun to try to make some extra money through online programs. I actually started off with an MLM by the name of SFI.

I wasn`t too successful with that though, and somehow I got into HYIPs. I guess that over the years I`ve been involved with around 50 of such programs, but that`s not the case now. I was with some decent enough programs at one time or another, BI, Octavian Holdings, even FLO before they disappeared, and I made nicely from all of these. Others though I lost on.

What do you do in your life? ;)What is your basic profession, education? Whether it helps somehow, or maybe it disturbs you in the work with high yield investments?

- I work for myself in an offline business with one of my sons as a partner. As with most people, time is the major problem, trying to balance my other work along with what I do online, and maintaining a balanced homelife.

We mentioned above that HYIP is a certain "type" of investments. Do you agree with that statement? What is HYIP? The thing is that many people are sure that it's a pure fraud...

- I used to enjoy the stockmarket, buying and selling stocks and shares, but there were too many losses so I gave them up. HYIPs are very different inasmuch the vast majority aren`t doing `real` investing, they are ponzis. They are more of a game, some win, some lose. People need to realize that before they get involved with them.

Please, admit here, are you dealing with investments along with us, or you "work in the sphere of investments". The first is direct investment. The second is informing, communication maintenance. Cause you are particularly the admin of Web-Life, and you are in close contact with The HYIP Forum. Is it a matter of principle for you? What are the reasons for SUCH activity?

- As I said earlier, I used to be more involved with HYIPs than I am now. I tend to be far more choosy about the investments I make. I have invested in a Fish Farm in Thailand which of course is totally unrelated to any HYIP. The only two in the HYIP arena I now have are both Sensa Trust approved programs, 4x-Club, and MWA, which are both semi-private ones.

The returns are low compared to `traditional` HYIPs, and they vary month to month. It`ll take longer to make a profit on these types of program but I believe they are here for the long haul. I like to think that I can help to make a difference through the forums by passing on my own experiences and the knowledge that I have gathered during my time on them.

How did the projects Web-Life, The HYIPForum appear? Could you tell us their story in a few words? Who originated them, who is - now? And the main thing is - what is the concept of these resources?

- Well, I could write a page on Web Life itself, but, in a few words, it came about after Phil who previously ran the HpHYIPs forum sold that and later created Web Life. HpHYIPs was bought by Ed, Brian of TalkGold`s brother. This happened around January 2004. I was at that time a member of HpHYIPs, and I became a Moderator at Web Life, where I became a private partner along with several other well known members of the HYIP community.

In July 2004 Web Life and HpHYIPs combined the membership, and HpHYIPs was dissolved. Since then Phil has moved on to another project in Thailand, which has nothing to do with HYIPs. Edward took over the running of WL and asked me to become a co-Admin alongside him, which I agreed to.

As far as The HYIPForum goes, Ed and I have just very recently taken over the administration of it. Although THF is relatively new the previous owner, Fred, did a tremendous job in building it up from scratch, and Ed and I plan to build further on that.

What is the future of these projects, if it's not a secret? What plans and aims do you have for them and for yourself - as the integral part of theirs?

- Our aim is to make them grow and to become among the best HYIP Forums on the Internet. We have some great Moderators, and experienced members, who are very knowledgeable and keen to help our members to choose wisely. Web Life has been described as more of a `laid back` place to hang out, THF is a busier forum. I believe that both forums have a well defined place as far as HYIP forums go.

Do you think that HYIP sphere needs particularly these (such) projects, or something else spurred you to such an activity? If HYIP needs such projects, then why?

- Forums are an ideal source of knowledge, not just in the sphere of HYIPs but in other avenues of life too. Getting together and discussing things on a public forum can prove very beneficial in exchanging ideas, asking questions and so on. As long as HYIPs last (and I include surfers, cyclers, MLMs etc) there will be a place for HYIP forums. I have no desire to start up any programs of my own, I`m content, and busy enough, helping to run the above forums as efficiently as I can, both in helping to moderate, and to actively post.

Our readers would like to know your opinion about our resource?

- HYIPNews is an excellent resource and contains a lot of information that isn`t often found elsewhere.

We think that being a person living in a very close contact with HYIP you must have been considered HYIP professional. And what do you personally think, what qualities should have this person? And what is main for him, where should a person strive for, what should he achieve and what should be the principles to follow?

- I like to listen to others in my role as Admin at Web Life and The HYIPForum. Patience is often needed too, particularly with newbies to the HYIP arena. Forums have to evolve, so I`m always on the lookout to find out what our members want to discuss and see if there`s a need for additional folders in the forums to accomodate new ideas.

As far as investing itself is concerned, it`s been said time and time again, don`t put in money you can`t afford to lose. Get to the stage of playing with profits. Read around the forums to see what others are posting about programs before you deposit with them. Look after your money, if you don`t no-one else will do it for you.

Do you have any genius strategy of getting the fantastic profits? In general, how do you think, is it possible? Cause many people think that HYIP - is heaven, not less, where one may earn killing and then to have rest, enjoying oneself.

- Getting in early enough with ponzis is the key, the earlier in, the more chance of gettins your profits. But don`t forget - there are ALWAYS losers with ponzis.

Many investors fall in despair when they are scammed and as the result they leave the "game". So we ask the HYIP legends, we interview, whether you have been scammed? SO: have you ever been scammed at least once? :) And what would you recommend in case investors is scammed?

- I`ve been scammed many times, yes. When you get scammed, learn from what you may have done wrong, try not to repeat the same mistakes, and try again.

What is the ideal HYIP for you like?

- Ones that do genuine, real investing, or trading. Low paying, with variable rates of interest, good communication with Admin if needed, that give me my withdrawals when I request them. Oh, and of course last a long time.

And what personal, vital features in your opinion influence the investor's life online? What is the difference between the virtual life and the real one?

- Too many want high returns straight away, and then find themselves in shock when the program they are with disappears. Some do online what they wouldn`t dream of doing offline. They`ll take huge chances without a 2nd thought. They need to question, question, question, every investment decision they make. HYIPers need to exercise more caution before jumping in.

Let's proceed to your life again. :) It should be extremely interesting. what do you think of your life? Is it interesting? What are your aims? What would you like to achieve?

- I think I lead a pretty interesting life that`s quite varied, and I`d like to think balanced. My aims are to continue to build on the foundations of what has been laid as far as the two forums I`m connected with are concerned. I`ve travelled on holiday to a number of countries around the world, and I`d love to be able to do more of that, especially I`d like to visit Australia. Whatever I do I try to be successful at it. Unfortunately of course life isn`t always like that, but when I`m down I get back up, and have another go.

What is HYIP for you in one word? Please, characterize it with a more suitable notion for everyone.
- An exciting place where money can be won - and lost. Just watch out for the scammers!

Forwardone, it is a great pleasure for us that you paid attention to us, communicated to us, hence with our readers as well. We wish you good luck, both in business and personal life, as well as more happiness and smiles at such a difficult time. All the best to you

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