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Updated: 09/30/2005 15:59
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Would you like to see who is hiding behind the monitor, when you enter HYIP or communicate on our specialized forum? On that side of the world? Of course you can always see yourself watching in the mirror. And... how to learn what kind of people do the same all over the world? It's very easy - read this article! Here we'll try to show the average statistical investor, the way he looks like, what he breathes, on the basis of various investigations run at different times in the Internet, on forums etc.

Our investor is a man. Whatever one may say it’s is true. More than 75% of all investors are men. By no means we are trying to argue that women succeeded in lots of things, however they are definitely inactive in the field of online investments. Though we must admit that if a woman starts to deal with investments, she succeeds. Loretta, for example. :)

How many women, you came across on forums and even programs, can you remember now? They are all exceptions. And as a rule they don’t stay here for long, cause this job is a killing one, it needs constant attention and efforts, and it is a torture for a woman. First of all because she is more tender than a man. Hope that feminists will excuse these lines to me.

Besides, the majority of men are more acquainted with the technique, for instance, most of programmers, designers, who entered Internet later on are men. And despite the fact women have mastered these techs long time ago, they don’t work for sitting at PCs for hours as men do. :)
Now let’s speak about the age. 20 – 30 years.

That’s the age of an average investor, the number of such investors is 45% (!) In brief it is clear that people of that age stand maximum close to the modern technologies, and as we understand HYIP is one of the most modern creations of these techs. In the upshot they are everywhere. Right after this category of people go the older ones, people up to 40 years old.

Then we have investors younger than 20, most probably the teenagers, trying something from the adult world, however 19-year old guys can hardly be called teenagers. So, we’ll have to admit that our investor is not just a man, it’s a rather young man, dealing with investments as a hobby, or maybe for the joke. Very few people do this for the sake of making money.

Most likely this is a person socially occupied with underemployment or having combine jobs. Though many HYIP investors are making investments seriously in the real life, and some of them have their own business. These are also middle-echelon managers, for whom HYIP is something average between casino, bookmaker office and real investment.

The majority of investors, working in a HYIP have family, though it isn’t very large so far. I.e. we are not talking about the family with a heaps of kids, or something of the kind, it’s a small family, consisting of two members, or completely single man (woman). By the way, many guys working in HYIP are self-made persons, who want self-affirmation, who are eager to become independent and achieve much.

They are here, cause it’s possible to work with investments here without even having a huge experience, hoary antiquity or solid papers. For some of them it’s the first job.
Of course among young guys there are some who followed the cheap words that promised wonders, but to be frank we should say that the number of such investors is not more than 25%.

Everyone understands what HYIP is and stay here so that to win, or at least to try, “for fun”, they come here sometimes or… they quit this arena forever.
So, we are clear with the age, sex and social status. We even know the average structure of an average HYIP investor.

By the way, the average time investors spend online is 4 times a day. Though this figure may have significant errors owing to the fact that opportunities and time investors spend online often depend on the rest of the parameters, as well as those we haven’t mentioned here. Some investors spend up to 12 hours online, and some don’t even turn on the computer the other day.

Such a statistics also concerns the number of programs, investor deposits money into. On average it’s about 5-7 programs. Though, to all appearances it is also hard to define the average number, cause indeed many investors deposit to 20 programs for instance. Than the difference turns out to be great and 5-7 programs doesn’t actually show the actual state of affairs. Rather we can say that this is the number of “invested” programs for one investor.

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