When will the HYIP Come to the End?

Updated: 10/10/2005 17:08
Hyip Monitor
Many investors think that sooner or later, but the fraud should come to an end. But will it be the end of HYIP at the same time? HYIP is a huge game, built on the constant change of the results. Today you win, tomorrow you lose. But the game not in the native meaning of its word you're you opponent is a capricious luck and the game where your opponent is the same person.

The game that has its own rules, tough economic by the way, and more often based upon the real investment transactions and big processes. When you start understanding this, you become aware that it`s not actually a 100% game… and suddenly you remember the saying of the immortal Shakespeare: ``All the world is a theatre…``

In the very beginning of working on HYIP, every investor starts to thinks IAE that sooner or later HYIP must come to the end. Cause gradually the ``educational`` level of investors grows, they are not so easy to be scammed, newbies don`t rush to invest in the first program one comes across like mad. But then, when HYIP is a part of your everyday life, another stage begins – when everything that is happening around, seems normal and required terms of the game, where you can participate as an observer, owner or the participant.

But just like we mentioned, is it appropriate to use the notion ``game`` here? I guess not. Not just because reasoning from that anything where there`s luck can be called a game. And some part of this luck is everywhere. Suddenness, you may say? Why is HYIP unpredictable? Is the collapse of every pyramid unpredictable? Is the end of being on our planet unpredictable? Why can`t we take the end of every program as a rule, as some part of the progress?

And if we do this, we`ll understand that every program FINISHES (no, nobody lies to you, good God – nobody steals your money, they are just lost), if we understand that every program just FINISHES we will be able to open new horizons in the strategy development. :)

This material will be a little bit unusual for you. Now you won`t meet anything of that kind on the market of informative services. There are no exact numbers here, no talks about programs and no analysis of the actual state of affairs. :) There`s lots of this in the other articles of ours. Here in this material there`s an idea. What helps people earning money? Right – it`s the idea. And we invite you to us. To the club of thinking people.

Moving ahead and developing. HYIP has its philosophy and its life despite all the fantastic interests, losses and emotional experience. These are the same investments, and the investment is not for a joke. They just ALLOW gambling. Minimum $1 is silly – silly for FOREX, silly for programs, where minimum is 5000. Though it isn`t a reason to laugh, if maximum reaches 10000! And it isn`t a reason if you invest this maximum.

Yes, the risk is too high, indeed the interests are incredibly high. That`s because of such ``faults`` virtual HYIUP looks funny for many real investors. But there are its own rules here and its own cycles…

The end of program – its end. It`s beyond controversy. The amount of interest is very much proportionate to the term of its work, add referrals here, add minimum, maximum investment amounts and you will have the entire set of features, you can build so many strategies, achieve so high results that this fluctuations on the waves of changes can`t certainly be compared to FOREX or equity market! What`s the difference?

Those markets are also endless. Many of them left without a single penny, many of them became millionaires. And the guarantee of the endless chain of victories and losses is the only thing – OPPORTUNITY TO EARN MONEY. Earn much! Newbies come, they become professionals, able to surf online. Many of them leave, and still many new ones come, being attracted by high interests and opportunity to join the game easily.

And the circle is locked. Easiness and high risk gives rise to attractiveness, and attractiveness refers newbies, who become experts later on… years pass by, and it has been happening for the whole 5 years, and looks like it will go on, until there are some serious technical obstacle in front of HYIP.

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