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Updated: 01/18/2006 03:23
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This interesting question has appeared on forums recently and we decided to investigate it. To say more precisely, we will think over it, rather than investigate, as trying to answer the question about legality of polygamy one may easily be mistaken, if the issues are regarded in a global scale.

At first, we confess that arousing this question is not our original wish, and the author of this question was too lazy to look up for other materials on this topic in the Internet. But there are some, and we will start the article from analyzing the information that has already appeared, and providing you with the info that are available in the net.

Thus, the question of autosurfing legality depends upon the definition of the term “autosurfing”. We know that the pyramids of any kind are illegal, so confirmation of existence of connection between autosurfing and pyramid will be the answer to this question. That’s because hardly any legislation from all over the world regulate the legality of such notion as “autosurfing”. But there are events that are regulated without any ambivalence. And pyramids are referred to this prohibited sphere of fraud.

Here are the notions of a pyramid, found by Jim Polak, the author of Build A Long-Torm AutoSurfing Plan: Let's first look at some definitions from
Ponzi Scheme: an investment swindle in which early investors are paid with sums obtained from later ones in order to create the illusion of profitability.

Pyramid Scheme: a fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to the person who recruited them while expecting to receive payments from the persons they recruit; when the number of new recruits fails to sustain the hierarchical payment structure the scheme collapses with most of the participants losing the money they put in.

Multi-Level program(from A sales system under which the salesperson receives a commission on his or her own sales and a smaller commission on the sales from each person he or she convinces to become a salesperson.

We and you, in our turn, deal with the programs that are dealing with the exchange of traffic according to the conditions. You look through the pages that are looked by someone, and some programs pay for this. Per se – this is a kind of work in the Internet, which includes looking through the pages. According to the legislation, such activity is legal, as soon as it doesn’t come within prohibited activities.

The other issue is the working mechanism of such programs. The base is more than just looking through the pages, the base is money. And the money is not paid for nothing, as accustomed. You need to give your money to receive the profit.

This is a dark spot of modern autosurfing constructions, which makes them not so clear as they seem. Besides, it makes them unclear in their essence, because they have more friendly relations with the legislation, compared to companies that deal with promissory notes.

This key moment, described above, is that you are to pay your money to look through the pages. And your profit will rarely include only payment for your work. Here the profit, as it is customary in our world of investments will be in receiving the interests – and this is the most ambivalent issue.

Why these should be the interests? Why not direct payouts? Why do we need to pay these units? There are a lot of possible explanations – starting from the most absurd and finishing with the most logical, but the latter are not always pleasant for the market players. It may be said that this is a pledge for business development or for the work. Administrator may count the amount of pages shown to you, or compensate your “oversight” from the money you have donated as the pledge.

Business development in this field may also be a good reason, I have said. Two purposes are reached at once – you are tied to the program and the money for its development come naturally – from the consumers (site that is advertised via autosurfing) and participants (investors).

However, let us come back to our main question. Thus, autosurfing in its primary (ideal) construction is harmless: you register in the program, look through the pages of other participants and show them your pages. Thus, many people gather in one place, and they just change the links and look at each other. What can be illegal in this activity? Absolutely nothing.

But when it goes about pure traffic exchange, only site owners that wish to promote their sites should gather in these places. Or, the people that stroke a promotional contract with the owners of advertised site. But these people are few, and the traffic costs are too low, to satisfy one’s needs. In other words, you will receive so little money for just looking through the pages, that it won’t be interesting for you. :) Hardly any person would do it, taking into account that hardly any person could gather so many orders.

For instance, 10 advertisers could pay $500 for definite amount of traffic. There are so many people wishing to do this work, that it loses its costs and turns to be uninteresting. Thus, almost clear and harmless scheme goes from ideal variant and adds the issue of motivation, that served for the revealing of such questions and for the fact that autosurfings act in the same field as the HYIP.

The issue of motivation is that you do not just receive the money from advertiser, but receive them as interests. Interests are the payment of autosurfing program’s organizer. And these interests are something more than just $10 weekly for looking through a thousand of sites per day. Interests are more interesting, as if you invest a large sum, you receive a significant outcome. Status quo changes – the sphere of autosurfing becomes less usual.

But how these interests could be provided? The essence of the situation doesn’t change – the program’s organization is to provide the payment of the work, let these be the interests… here is the point in the question posted above. :)

A part of the interests is provided by direct payment for the work or the real cost of looking through the pages. The part is covered by the ads, or any other functions. The money can be used to develop the business, or to invest in any other business – more profitable. And this is also legal and honest.

But this is true until the organizer of the autosurfing doesn’t apply the methods of building the pyramid. The finance pyramid, when after you have received your money, you start to receive the money of other investors, in case the outcome of the missing part (after the money received from the sources, mentioned above, were given back), is covered with the help of the money given by the next investor.

Why is it illegal? Because it ruins earlier or later, and the investors suffer. It is illegal again, if it is proved. It is proved that this is the very payment method to pay investors fore the work. Up to this moment autosurfing, as the investing itself is fully legal, all the more if the organizer is a registered company of, for instance, advertising sphere, or IT, which pays the taxes and keeps up its promises. :)

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