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Updated: 07/28/2006 05:35
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HYIP is a game, skeptics say. This is a financial, or economy game. Many of those who do not treat HYIP seriously, position it like this. And it's fair. You are fighting for your right to make money, without knowing what cards you have (what program you invested in) - "right" or "wrong". And it could be never known. I mean unless you receive your profit or fail. There are lucky guys here, and losers. And regardless of the circumstances, playing or not, you may get addicted to HYIP, as many people did.

Yes, indeed. May be you do not pay attention to it, and you don't really see it, but many people around you, many investors got addicted. Of course, it goes unnoticed within the limits of Internet - you see neither a person, nor his actions. But HYIP has a drug element - HAZARD. And hazard is really dangerous. It is as much harmful, as heroine, for people with weak will and
strong greed.

That's why this article shouldn't be a guide to hazard world only, we have already discussed it. This article should be a warning saying that HYIP participation may be dangerous. Why? We will tell below.

When you gamble away, the first wish you feel is the desire to play back. When you play on a playing machine and your money go, you believe that you're about to win, just because you LOST SO MUCH (and probability theory says that you are to win sooner or later).

Your brain says - you had so many losses, and you should win soon! You should! And you add your last coin, and when you run out of money, you start to seek what else you may stake, because you are "so close to your victory".

Needless to mention those cases when you receive profit. You suddenly start to lose and then you are down and out. Of course, you want to restore your previous position! And this is natural. But this thing is hazard. And when it runs out of control, it becomes dangerous, because everyone understands that a person who is not able to control himself is dangerous for himself.

Another problem that may damage your work as a serious investor is a habit to act "in HYIP mode". This happens because HYIP profitability and process "efficiency" is catching. At first you get interested, then you get involved. Just slightly and then go deeper and deeper. Then you cannot imagine your life without investing, and then you become a slave.

Investment itself is too attractive just to abandon. And this is reasonable. Imagine your living when your money comes to you without any efforts. A real paradise. But this paradise is lost, because not all the things that seem possible are really possible.

And, unfortunately, this brings many investors to slavery, rather then to disgust. Just because they cannot get used to a thought that their fortune is not well-disposed, and that they won't receive this money. They try to succeed again and again, and are dying.

In case everything is OK, and you receive your benefit, addiction is not really bad. Then you depend upon your natural desire to get rich. But anyway be careful, because losses go after luck, and you should be ready for reasonable consideration, not to become disappointed due to lack of choice whether to be free from HYIP or not.

Freedom is everything.

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