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Updated: 08/14/2006 05:04
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We won't hide that this article revealed from a small forum message, touching a very important topic. This topic may be reduced to a few words, as it has been done by the author of this post: Promise Refunds, Reopen, Not Refund Or Pay... We'd like not only to report our readers this problem, but also give our viewpoint as to prevent you from difficulties and unexpected problems in such situations.

When a program closes, most often you can't access the site, hear nothing from administrators and do not see payouts. You may receive a fake mail saying "such-and-such sum of money has been transferred to your account". But most often it contains asterism instead of batch. And it cannot be regarded as a feedback. The case #1 is when the program just disappears, although its site may remain online within a definite period of time.

Sometimes this even (programs' escape) happens after an official announcement: "we are not working anymore", "we were cleaned out", "we were cheated technically (variants: provider, hosting service, programmer, Bill Gates etc ) and our site was closed, sorry". It looks nobler, but it is not honest. It is not honest even when profound reasons of such a trifle are provided.

Something like "economical situation in the countries of the South Asia doesn't allow us being involved into trading due to higher risk share etc". Lame excuses #2 look cynical, referring to health, family and personal threats: "it was threatened with killing my family, so I'm closing my program", "I was in hospital, so I cannot go on working, because I lost a lot of money"…

There are more guileful people, posting the following notes on their pages: "we are hackers from group #312, we have hacked this site and took revenge on them for stealing investors' money"… the sense of this revenge is unclear, because money are now in the hands of another thieves, but administrators' innocence is evident. At the same time, this innocent administration is silent, as if their representatives were hacked the same, or just thrown into a river with a heavy load tied to their legs. This is the type #3.

Another words and communication forms can be referred to the 4th type of excuses. A major part of this article will be devoted to them. We called this type of excuses "stretching" or "taking-up". It means that ANY of these scam hiding types is followed by an ellipsis, which is complemented with some promise, most often including one of the following: refunding ¨«¨ reopening. In the first case you are refunded, in the second case administrator is trying to renew the work. Unfortunately, in most cases there are MERE WORDS.

It sounds professional, quite rational explanations are provided. I myself, having heard such announcements, found a lot of contradictions in them, so a clever and a sharp investor is able to reveal a real scammers' intention. However, a newbie is always in danger, once he is trying to catch any sign of hope. A scheme is simple: everything is about to be lost, but suddenly administrator appears, saying, the situation is under my control, we will fix it and move on!

"Mission" approach is working like clockwork, it's a well-balanced mechanism. It looks lik many programs disappear on purpose, just to be back with a proud smile. But we used to write about it, as well as about why it is done – a program seems to be more stable after coming back, so it seems to be worth investing (here is the tactics of attack and retreat).

Money, of course. Trying to temporize, administrator obtains an additional opportunity of receiving the profit, without using any other services. When he is no longer able to pay his investors, because it will make his pyramid less profitable, he starts promising, and he gets back on the track, trying to grab something out of investor's pocket. Most often he managed.

Besides, if administrator managed to dupe investors before running, it adds more additional opportunities. For instance, it allows making restart or "come back with a new offer". And it works! And they do it! But why noone sees it and believes? It's simple: at first the problems appear, then a demonstration of fighting the problems, resolving them partially… but alas… no result.

And time passes, and while it is passing away, administrator contacts investors actively, or pays from time to time, and doesn't disappear. I.e. he CANNOT be regarded as a scammer in principle, because he is beside, and he is just having problems. But then initial promises are forgotten, and such program's condition seems normal (once he is NOT A SCAMMER). And then a sudden rush happens, and administrator announces something like "Finally a magic coming back of a legendary program! Expected by everyone!"

It is natural that old investors won't probably do something in such situation (although they may be offered a special plan with some discounts). However, they don't need doing anything. This campaign is designed for attracting NEW investors.

Being in hiding, due to such tactics administrators obtains: a) time (he adds downtime to the time of program's work), b) additional opportunities of project financing. The money invested by old investors didn't disappear. They remain at the same place (especially if we mean a scammer). And he may use it, earn something on them and then MULTIPLY. It's so simple…

Moreover, some programs exceed all bounds. They ask investors (or offer) to REINVEST, promising to pay something. It sounds ridiculous. But it's true. As it was noticed on the forum – isn't it a ponzi tactics?!

In the same topic the author indicated a list of active programs, using the sane tactics. It includes 14 (!) programs. Can you fancy that this is just a list of one investor? How many programs of this type are functioning? Of course, we won't mention them here, because sooner or later these names won't be relevant. But most probably at the moment there are at least 14 programs using this infinite scam tactics. You have to run away just on hearing about it. Remember that you are the only person able to protect yourself. And it is difficult to be mistaken here.

Don't allow cheating yourself.

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