Quality Support is Half the Battle in HYIP

Updated: 05/10/2007 13:01
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Sometimes we have good days. Sometimes we have bad days. I guess many HYIP investors would agree with me if I say that there are more bad days in this difficult life... No, this view from me is too pessimistic. Well, some days are mad because we cannot find needed and relevant answers to our questions.

It is hard to wait when you get best and quality information about this new interesting high yield investment program. Moreover, we want to know that my questions will eventually be answered, and that the problem will be dealt with in an honest and efficient manner.

According to me, nowadays lack of communication and support is one of the common reasons why any business fails. Yes, I mention that any business fails, in other words without any communication traditional business, online investment, Forex trading, stock market etc. cannot have success.

Get back to HYIP investments. Any investor knows that HYIP is a lot of time, effort and money as well as great risk. Unfortunately, not each investor has enough time to solve the problem or find relevant information about a new online investment. And this enormous risk in high yield investments…

From an investor’s prospective we do not trust new HYIP web sites and monitors because we expect that these new Internet projects disappear with our money one day. Undoubtedly, any investment company (traditional or Internet) will need to overcome the inherent distrust of all investors who have towards all new high interest programs, HYIP web portals as well as new HYIP monitors and discussion forums.

Many investors have the view that 95% of all HYIP (old and new) are essentially Ponzi schemes or cycling programs, that’s why the legitimate ones need to prove themselves with some steps.

Honest and responsive support has a very meaningful position for getting your success as the online investment company. You know that online HYIP discussion forums can help you in this case. Smart admins use forums in two ways: first, forums are tools for marketing and advertising strategies.

Second, they are one of best forms of communication between the investment company and investors. As for me, HYIP admins don’t have to wait till investors or visitors of their web site feel free for writing their questions to admins. Admins should find ways of communication and support and give information honestly.

Complaints are always present in any business. Solving all customer complaints should be as quick as possible. Missing deposits and lack of timely withdrawals need to be handled as an emergency. Any online HYIP company could easily triple their asset base by solving these problems immediately. Certainly, you never know where the next million-dollar investor will come from; it could be the guy with $100 bucks in his account that refers in the next whale.

Over-stock on HYIP service people, they are really your business force. Their actions will determine, whether an investor will liquidate his IRA or recommend the investment company to all their friends. Penny-wise or Pound foolish, it amazes me the incompetence and lack of sensitivity that most HYIP programs suffer in their back office operations. We do not know you, we expect the worst so, allay our fears and be responsive. Money will come gushing in, with responsiveness and reliability.

As the admin of the investment company forget the lie. People (especially HYIP investors) are not stupid and if they see that you lie, you can also forget your investment business. In the contrary, most people will give you the benefit of the doubt if you are honest about the reason for a delay. Evasive or non-responses to questions will just bring up the idea that your fund is a leaky boat about to sink.

Make as much data available as possible to the online client for them to learn about your investment strategies, account balances, returns, and referral information. I am sure that you have ever heard about black Public Relations campaigns in the Internet.

There is no doubt that some HYIP admins use these campaigns against your company. So it is advisable to keep all useful information on your web site than potential investors ask on the online HYIP forum about your HYIP strategies and your completion gives “smart” answers to him.

It is important to listen to your members. If there are asking the same questions over and over again, fix the problem with your program or website. Missing deposits and slow withdrawals are a big red flag. Spend money hiring a top-flight techie; he will be needed when the inevitable cyber-attacks hit all successful companies. There are some very nasty governments that do not like independent financial programs that have not been absorbed into the collective.

If you made some bad investment decisions, lower rates immediately or put a freeze on interest until the problem is straightened out. You must communicate with your members and be as honest as possible without generating a panic.

We see that active and honest communication and support to investors, your web site’s visitors and members can be very important in the development of your online high yield investment business.

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Eric Marriam is a young writer. Even though he is not experienced he is able to make really high quality work. Eric is able to identify a problem people have and break it down, able to appeal to emotion through emotive writing, can change style of writing to cater to different audience. Eric Marriam is able to work creatively and effectively with staff and managers and despite his young age, he proved to be a clear and effective writer and speaker, committed to maintaining quality and efficiency, seeking for professional growth and development.
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