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Updated: 02/13/2014 15:46
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Today we are glad to post the review of currently one of the most widely used Script used by HYIP admins for creating their HYIP programs H-Script.

1. Introduction. General Description

H-Script, known as HS is used for creating the HYIP, MLM web projects and financial games as well. The script has been working on the HYIP market for more than 2 years. The very good thing about the script and its development is that since the launch of the first version of the script till what we have now, a great number of changes have been made, which gives us evidence of constant development and improvements made by the programmers, who are basically doing all possible to be up-to-date.

The HS has proved to be a reliable and multifunctional CMS script. While Goldcoders remains the leader of the industry, the H-Script, to my mind, gives more power to a HYIP program using this script.

Judging from multiple testimonials of happy customers, it is possible to setup individually and at once all functioning details required for running a HYIP including various types of investment plans, referral program even the multi-level one. Also basic terms of working with investor's account and the balance can be setup easily.

Sole currency - this mode is also possible when all funds are collected to make one balance. HS is using open code and can be fixed, changed or edited without prior agreement with the owner. Two main libraries are encoded with the help of IronCube and bound to the domain, which means they will only work if there's a licence file enabled. One license costs $100

2.H-Script Setup Instructions

To have theH-Script installed PHP5 with ioncube_loader4.4, mod_rewrite,mbstring,GD2and cURL modules installed is needed. Installing the script to the hosting can be done after following some simple steps:

- Upload the script and the licence obtained to the root of your server
-Set access rights 777 to the following folders: logs,module,tpl_cand to the files:_config.php, cron.php
- Create the database in the cPanel of your hosting
-Proceed to the website
-Config will be launched (../_config)
-Think of the password to enter the config and REMEMBER it.
- Enter the system e-mail on the Setup property page to get informed about errors as well as type in the database parameters.
- Choose "Createandfillbase..." on the Install property page, choose the script workign mode (entering via login/email and choose single/separate balance), fill in the Administrator account parameters. These settings are global and can't be changed during your work!

After the global settings are setup, you may proceed to setting up Interface, Security, Email, Planner settings.

3. Referral System, Investment Plans Setup

The referral system, as i have mentioned earlier can be setup from many options offered. To enable referral system, you should indicate the name of the parameter in the referral link, i.e. "ref". If not setup the referral system won't be working. The system supports the following types, that can be chosen to run on your HYIP:

- Funding account bonus - paid when investor funds his account;
- Deposit bonus - paid when investor makes deposit to any of investment plans offered;
- Calculations bonus - paid from the referral total profit;

There is also a chance to setup individual referral program for every single taken investment plan. It may be useful when program uses several types of plans: like daily payouts and paid-upon-expiry plans.

Speaking about setting up the investment plans, there is a wide choice of options to choose from here. One of the main is making these or those plans invisible. It can be helpful when admin is planning to enable special plans for certain investors or special plans for HYIP monitors.

There is also a chance to specify deposit bonus - can be useful when making a promo and planning to add bonus for every deposit made. Apart from that, custom settings allow choosing profit calculation on calendar/business days, interests fixed/fluctuate, calculation period daily/hourly etc., principal is returned or not upon the expiry. Compounding option, option to enabled additional investments, premature principal withdrawal are the features of the investment plans, which can be setup inH-Script as well.

4. Payment Systems Supported

CurrentlyH-Script supports 30 payment systems. The majority of them support automatic processing of deposits and withdrawals. The settings for payment systems allow choosing several main aspects important for the HYIP program to run. First of all it is allowed to choose the type of funding investor's account: automatic/manual/.

Further on, minimum and maximum amounts for withdrawals is specified. The mode of withdrawal for every payment system can be setup individually as well. It can be either automatic withdrawal, when all requests are processed instantly (if supported by the payment system) or manual, when withdrawal requests made by customers need to be approved by the admin.

Every payment system has its own specific terms for setting up SCI and API on merchant websites. So for further instructions on setting up every single taken payment system in the script, one should consult the specific payment system support.

5. Investor's Account and Balance

Another important group of settings that can be setup from the cPanel of your licensedH-Script is setting the investor's account and balance.

Changing personal data can be forbidden, which is highly useful for the accounts' security. There is a chance to allow "fast" registration using third-party services: Facebook account etc. This option is very up-to-date and can be a preference for many members. Of course registration can be terminated ot put on hold or re-enabled. The thing that can be very useful for the programs' admins is the option to check multiple registrations by choosing parameter for checking multiple registrations: - IP check/Cookies check.

And of course the minimum requirements for registration can be chosen in this section, such as minimum login length, password length, password format (letters only, letters and numbers, letters, numbers and special symbols). Double opt-in registration can be either enabled, when active only after clicking the verification link in the e-mail or disabled, when it's just enough to click the confirm button and proceed to your account right after registration is completed.

Also theH-Script gives opportunity to work with every aspect of investor's balance. Admin can add and deduct funds. set penalties, calculate referral bonuses, request the payout, choose payment systems, open deposit and close it for every single taken investor.

6. Customer Support

A great deal of attention is taken by the developers of theH-Script to the Customer Care section. It is constantly updated and includes lots of features. Particularly it's worth saying about the Ticket system, which has been recently updated. From now on the support staff employee can see all open tickets. The Testimonials section has been updated either.

After the update it is now possible to comment on testimonials and manage them from the admin area. The admin area also gives opportunity to post news update and send the news to the subscribers' database. Also FAQ page, which can be updated regularly also can be changed, updated and edited from the admin area. Also there is an option to setup internal mailing, SMS notification and provide overall statistics of the project.

7. How to Purchase H-Script? How to Contact the H-Script Support?

TheH-Script licence costs $100. This means licence for one domain, if you need licences for more domains, you should by more new licence files. On the official website in the FAQ page there is notification that ordering licence and buying it is possible via Perfect Money (account U1263001). Besides, there's a notification that some other ways of payments are also possible. In case you wish to buy the script via another alternative payment processor, you should contact the support via one of the ways possible:

Mail:[email protected]

In case you need any technical support or have any questions or troubles with running or setting up your HS script, you should contact the Technical Support of the project:

Skype arshinchenko
Mail [email protected]

Hope you enjoyed the review and found in interesting. If you have any questions, concerning the work of H-Script, which is getting far more and more popular in the HYIP industry, you should contact the support following one of the contact means above. In our turn, we hope the information provided in this review has been useful both for program admins and HYIP investors. Stay tuned! HYIPNews.com is your hyip monitor!

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