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Updated: 03/10/2017 17:47
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Take your time to read the professional HYIP review of Quantum Forex Options by HYIPNews.com, by Lella Prior learn about the main aspects of the project
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Read the professional review of Quantum Forex Options to learn the main aspects and features of the hyip with the special attention paid to the technical aspect of the website, the content, the investment plans and other specific features.

Hello, dear investors and readers of HyipNews. Today i am offering to get acquainted with the project added to HyipNews listing 55 days ago, Quantum Forex Options, which is considered to be a high yield opportunity. The project was actually launched much earlier than it was added, though initially it used not to be popular among investor due to its simple unattractive design for the period of more than three months. At the end of February though it was updated and here it comes with promoting and ordering reviews online.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

As i mentioned initially the project was launched with the minimalistic template-like design and didn't look good enough. The plans terms were not attractive for investors. Nevertheless, the project kept on working within three months, it obtained its narrow investors' circle and was not in a hurry to promote it. Gradually, Quantum Forex Options added new features: payment systems, site functioning, investment offer. At the end of February the design was fully updated and now the main page as well as the entire website looks amazing to be sincere.

There's an opinion that admin of the project is not experienced in hyip industry and hence there are lots of fresh ideas within the website. There are some not typical ideas implemented and he seems to be ready for development. The content and the layout structure are nice and fresh. Loud music on the mainpage gives more effect, though it may seem annoying for some people. There are lots of sections available, which are full of content. The special attention needs to be taken to the special Testimonials section, where video reports from real investors are published.

On top of the website in the top menu there's a language button, allowing to switch the language of the website to English, Russian and German languages. The Lamborghini car is shown on the mainpage. Also the member area looks like a Lamborghini car from inside, so it's like a hint, giving an assumption owning such a car is a normal future for every QFO investor.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

A wide choice of investment plans is offered to investors. Actually there are four of them, different in deposit amounts allowed and interest rates offered. All investment plans are offering daily profit payouts from 2.5% to 5% daily. Quantum, Quantum Super and Quantum Premier are offering from 80% to 750% revenues for USD deposits. Minimum deposit amount is $10, maximum is $25000. The investment period varies from 32 to 150 days accordingly.

Two investment plan stand aside from others. First of all, the Bitquant plan offering 2.8% daily for 30 days with the only difference from the rest: deposits here are accepted in BTC. Another special plan is called Lambo. According to the terms of this plan the deposit here should be $900 and the profit is fixed 3% daily with no expiration date. Members of Lambo plan get a chance to win Lamborghini Gallardo real car. Here is the screenshot from the website showing the overview of the investment plans offered at Quantum Forex Options:
Check the investment plans offered by Quantum Forex Options

Every deposit to any investment plan is also awarded with the deposit bonus, which varies depending on the deposit amount. AS we can see there are lots of plans, still the most popular are the first two, offering nearly the same terms in different currencies. Relatively working is the third plan, though it can't be used for a test for sure. It takes too long to break even and the minimum deposit seems to be pretty large.

The affiliate program gives a chance to earn up to 22% affiliate bonus as a passive income. Each registered user of the company Quantum Forex Options, can take part in the five-level affiliate program and receive compensation in the amount of 5% of the deposit amount for each investor invited them. When the sum of the contributions of participants and partners exceeds $ 200, the participant receives the status of the Agent, which allows him to get different rewards being qualified for the five-level affiliate bonus system. The details on the status table can be seen below.
Different levels of affiliaet program at Quantum Forex Options

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Currently Quantum Forex Options accepts the following e-currencies for making a deposit and completing withdrawals: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash and Bitcoin. In the nearest future there are plans to add Payza, AliPay, Skrill and Wire Transfer. The special attention is taken to the widely promoted opportunity to take money instantly to the corporate Mastercard. The option is not available yet and, frankly, i don't think it will ever be enabled. As it's been mentioned earlier, minimum deposit amount is $10, which is a good amount to try. Maximum is $25K, though i don't think it makes sense to invest so much. Until February 20 payouts were manual and since then after the next update payouts have been updated and made instant. There is an option to take the principal before the expiration date, however in that case investors are subject to be penalized with the 30% fine.

4. Legend and Content!

The About section tells us the following: "The Quantum Forex Options - an international company that rests on its laurels, and is constantly evolving to consistently earn in the Forex market". Nothing extraordinary here. Another hyip, which claims to be working on Forex market using some strategy developed exclusively.

The strategy is claimed to nearly exclude any risk of losing funds. Even if there are any, there is a reserve fund, funded with the company's profit and it has neev been used before. "Quantum Forex Quantum strategy allows you to make a large number of profitable operations and generate higher profits per trading day compared to conventional "passive" strategies".

There is much of content on every page of the website, though it can't be considered unique enough. The idea is old, however the website itself delivers it in a new way, which may bring its results.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The customer support gives nothing special to the customers. One may contact the support only by sending e-mail via the Contact Form on the website or e-mailing to [email protected]. There is also a phone number on the website: (+44) 020 3868 6378, however it is only used for autoresponding function.

6. Technical Aspect!

Despite slight drawbacks the website has been well developed from the technical point of view. As it's been mentioned earlier there are three language localizations. And here are the specifications of the website:

- unique custom design
- Licensed engine from H-script
- Domain registered in 2007 and valid till October 2018
- COMODO SSL certificate
- DDoS protection by CloudFlare
- IP address on the dedicated server
- Registration certificate (number 10387426, Great Britain)

7. Conclusion!

Quantum Forex Options is the project that showed everyone how it can work and grow. The admin is the person ready to develop and looks into making changes of the platform for the better. The project is well-designed and it has a number of advantages, the admin is yet planning to add. The project was launched late in November, though it really started at the end of February. If the project ultimately adds the option to fund account and cashout directly to MasterCard the project will become far more popular than it is now.

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