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Updated: 12/26/2019 16:15
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roboton review
Take your time to read the professional HYIP review of Roboton by, by Brett Sherpan learn about the main aspects of the project
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Professional HYIP review of Roboton by, hyip monitor online published by Brett Sherpan, the prominent author of Learn more about the investment plans, ways to invest funds and withdraw your profit from Roboton. The overview of the design and technical features of Roboton website are available in the review below.

Today we would like to present the readers of HyipNews with the review of Roboton project, launched on November 23, which looks to be a decent mid-term investment opportunity offering up to 8% daily profit, dealing with robotics industry, that reached a whole new level with annual enormous investment growth.

Introduction, First Impression

When you enter the Roboton website, it immediately becomes clear what the company is doing. According to the legend of the project Roboton LTD makes money in the robotics market and has its own facilities for the production of robots. Also from the information on the site you can find out that the company is legalized in two countries - England and Australia, and its representative offices are based in the same countries. has been designed an original template for its website. Now it supports 5 languages, including English, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Filipino. At the bottom of their website, you can find a Telegram chat group, there are more than 1000 members and you can communicate with them directly there. For more social contact info, you can find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium and so on on the right sidebar of their website.

Investment Plans, Referral program

Marketing at Roboton is non-standard and consists of three plans. The peculiarity of the investment proposal is that the most attractive rates not only include the body of the deposit in payments, but also have dynamic interest rates that grow throughout the week. Medic and Scientist plans are working plans. As for the Rescuer plan, its launch is announced in January 2020.

The "Medic" tariff is the shortest in terms of time, accepts deposits from $10, but profitability offered is also minimum. According to the terms investors will accrue a profit of 1% on business days. This is the net profitability, after all, after 11 business days (15 calendar days), the body of the deposit will return to the balance. Net rate profitability will be 11%.

According to the "Scientist" plan the minimum deposit is $50. Invested funds will be in operation for 20 business days (28 calendar days), and profitability will be growing throughout the week from 4% to 8%. The deposit body is already included in this percentage; weekly earnings will be 30%, which will allow you to break even after 18 business days (24 calendar days). For the term, the investor will receive a 20% profit.

As we previously reported, the Rescuer plan is still inactive and will become available to investors next year. Its terms are similar to those for the Scientist plan, but it has a yield range of 3% to 7% on business days. For 30 business days (42 calendar), the investor will be able to earn 50%, which means it is possible to get into profit after 20 business days (28 calendar days).

Roboton has good conditions for partners and there are three options for an affiliate program. The lowest percentages are offered to those users who do not invest in the project themselves, but invite referrals. They are entitled to affiliate awards at three partner levels - 5% -2% -1%.

For investors with deposits of more than $1,000 or a structural turnover of at least $7,500, interest rates are more attractive - a yield of 7% -2% -1% -1% will be paid. The highest rewards will be received by VIP partners who have invested in Roboton from $ 2,000 or with a turnover of $ 15,000 - 10% -3% -1% -1% -1%.

For active participants, introduces the concept of "Leadership Turnover". This is the total investment of your 1st line partners, personally invited by you. Each time, upon reaching $5000 of a leader's turnover, the company automatically gives you a bonus — opening a $200 deposit in the Scientist plan. It is performed an unlimited number of times.

Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

The size of the investment in Roboton starts at $10. You can replenish the balance through Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Litecoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Advanced Cash and Visa / Mastercard. The withdrawal is carried out manually by the operator (up to 48 hours). Information on the site and feedback on Roboton investors indicate that payments are made only on business days. As soon as money appears on your balance sheet (at least $1), you can request for withdrawal. You can do this through your personal account using the "Withdraw funds" function. Please note that you can create a withdrawals request on any day of the week, but it will be processed only on business days. You can create a withdrawal request for amounts of $1, 0.01 ETH, 0.001 BTC, 0.05 LTC. You can withdraw profit on the payment system, using which the deposit was created.

Customer Care, Support and Technical Aspect

Communication with the project administration is carried out in a standard way. There is a Contact Form on the website, e-mail, Telegram bot, Telegram channel, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, VK and LinkedIn.

Here are some technical characteristics of the project:

Common name:
Valid from October 1, 2019 to October 1, 2020
Serial Number: ba5644a0d1e678c587b510ea5c16df14
Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
Issuer: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA


In conclusion, it can be noted that Roboton is a relatively new project from an experienced admin, with whom lots of investors had the chance to make money in the past. The project has a number of advantages in the form of good preparation and working plans.

Project advantages:

- thoughtful marketing with an adequate level of profitability and a reasonable investment period
- smooth development, provided by the phased opening of tariff plans and limiting the maximum allowable investment amount per account
- decent entry threshold - minimum contribution of only 10 dollars
- quick payments with clear withdrawal rules
- a huge set of available communication channels with the administration
- good technical background, including the availability of its own Telegram bot and multilingual interface
- a multi-level rank affiliate program that provides excellent opportunities for additional income without investment
- experienced admin.

About the author

Brett Sherpan has been working for seven years writing and editing for online and print media. He has held various editing and copywriting positions and can quickly and competently write copy for sales, marketing and editorial content. Brett is a consistently dependable team player, who thrives in a high-pressure environment, enjoying the challenges of meeting deadlines and am comfortable researching, writing and editing on a wide range of topics
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