Updated: 09/20/2008 15:42
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According to the recent research the share of mpayments on the Russian market of epayment is 12 per cent and only 50 per cent of them are legal

According to the recent research the share of m-payments on the Russian market of e-payment is 12% and only 50% of them are legal. According to the report 50% of the sms-payments are made to pay for illegal content. The so-called premium sms messages are very popular today on the Russian VAS-market. They usually cost more expensive and used to pay for downloading music, video and games. Such schemes are usually used by the owners of porn sites or the websites with the forbidden content as they can hide the received income from the tax collecting agencies and other bodies. Also it is very hard and even impossible to prove the guilt of the sellers as no contracts are made between content provides and site owners.

However, according to the content providers the most part of the content owners work legally but it is still risky to sell the content openly due to the imperfection of the law and lack of precision of the legal norms.

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