Updated: 10/28/2008 15:26
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There is a new opportunity to test a new product This particular one involves laptops Apply now to see if you qualify

There is a new opportunity to test a new product. This particular one involves laptops. Apply now to see if you qualify!You must join to apply for beta tests, to do so follow this link (

Are you tired of the excessive heat coming from your laptop? Do you like sitting on the sofa and surfing the web, but find that the heat from your laptop is too distracting? If you find holding your laptop uncomfortable, our new beta test is for you!

If you use your PC or Mac laptop at home, please follow the link below and apply quickly!

Please remember that volunteering for a beta test involves a time commitment and a mandate to keep the product's details secret. If you are unwilling to commit to both of these requirements, please do not apply for the project. Click the link below if you are interested and want to learn more about this beta test opportunity.

The Centercode Beta Test Team

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