Updated: 11/27/2008 22:33
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It is amazing to see how our membership numbers exploded as our privatization nears We are, as of this writing, currently 2246 members

It is amazing to see how our membership numbers exploded as our privatization nears! We are, as of this writing, currently 2,246 members! Congratulations to all of you for a job well done. I will be announcing the winners of our contest ?Race to 2000! once we go private. I have a lot of counting to do! Anyway, speaking of going private, we are officially a private entity beginning Nov. 27th at 11:59:59 PM server time. Many ask me when the exact time is we go private, so there you have it. We have today and all day tomorrow tomorrow left. Once you are a member then you already secured a spot on our program. The only thing changing is we wont be accepting any new members. Besides that, nothing else will change. I am not going to delete any inactive or free accounts unless they specifically request it via support ticket.

I am definitely content with our numbers. At first, I wasnt even expecting 2000, but when we reached it, I was overjoyed! Our family definitely grew and now, me and my wife partner will be working double time to make this the number one program for all of you. All Im asking is that you help out your downlines in walking through our program, lend them a hand so I can focus more on the other things. Email them and tell them that if they have any questions then they can always email you back. Thank you.

Thats about it! My next email would be the newsletter on Friday when we are private already. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! This is certainly a great time to be thankful! And a happy 3rd month anniversary also to our program Aggero.

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