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Affiliate Junktion reads too good to be true. It guarantees to make $150 a day for you, free to join and free website. My friend wondering whether is genuine or scam. He asked me : is a scam or real?

Has any body tried Please share your experience. If you know anything about this website just let me know too.

OK, let’s try to investigate who is Affiliate Junktion and how they operate

How does Affiliate Junktion make money?

Let’s look at strategy used by Affiliate Junktion

  • You signup on their site.
  • They send you a mail asking you to purchase 12 months web hosting either on Omnis Network, or iPower web hosting only.
  • They promise to pay you back your hosting expenses.
  • They send you a pre-designed webpage to host on your newly purchased web hosting account. The webpage has an affiliate link to the Affiliate Junktion website.
  • Then you promote your affiliate webpage using google adwords or yahoo. The web hosting account that you purchased (not from Affiliate Junktion) provides a free google adwords and yahoo advertisement credits that may help you advertise your website for some time.
  • When new members join through your webpage, Affiliate Junktion pays you $2 for each sale.
  • The new affiliate follows step 1 to 6, and the cycle continues.

Process that actually happening is like this :
Affiliate Junktion makes money from the web hosts like Omnis Network and Ipower. Ipower pays $100 for each 1 year sale, so…..

  1. Ipower pays Affiliate Junktion $100 for each new sale of their hosting package.
  2. Affiliate Junktion pays back $75 to the new affiliate. Affiliate Junktion wont pay you the $75 until your total commission ammount reaches $150
  3. Affiliate Junktion pays $2 to the one who referred the new member.
  4. Assuming that other expenses are $2 per sale, remaining $20 goes straight to the pocket of Mr Davies(the CEO of Affiliate Junktion). Every time an affiliate earns a dollar, Mr Davies earns $10.

My Conclusion about Affiliate Junktion
Affiliate Junktion ( isn’t different from any other money-chain or pyramid schemes. Such systems typically thrives on the bottom line victims, who are destined to be ultimately cheated.

Got out of scam or not, become affiliate iPower webhosting directly is better than become a member of, I can get money $100 (not $2) every there is a new buyer of iPower hosting plan. Am I wrong ? CMIIW

You can find more affiliate programs and their information here, soon

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