Updated: 01/26/2009 10:09
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If you join this autosurf program, you will be jumping into a dry pond instead of pond that full of money. This program was started in beginning of November last year and offers a 12% daily for 12 days.

In middle of November, the admin had announced of changing the duration of offer plan from 12 days to 30 days. Then the website was down due to technical problems and as a result the pay outs gone pending.

After a week, in beginning of January, the website was up again, however, the admin did not resume making pay outs which were long pending. Until now the admin keeps silence and there is no sign that the members will receive their long pending pay outs.

It is not difficult to get a video game tester job if you are actively seeking for it. You also must show how good you are sure and how deep your knowledge about it. Maybe you can even ask them to give you a trial period in order to prove to them that you are good in what you are doing.


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