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Above is a banner advertising the “investment services” (?) of the BPIC the Brabus Private Investment Club. On their website, they...

Above is a banner advertising the “investment services” (?) of the BPIC - the Brabus Private Investment Club. On their web-site, they claim to have been licenced by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, and show a scan of this licence. I took a copy of that and sent it to the investment department of the BMA itself. I asked if this was a valid licence, and if they were still licenced and registered with the BMA.

This is the reply I received today:

Dear Dr. (my name) I can confirm that the company you are enquiring about, Brabus Private Investment Club, is not and never was licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

The copy of the licence included in your email is not a true licence and was not obtained from this Authority.

We will look into this matter straight away. I thank-you for bringing it to our attention.

With kind regards,

Wendy D. Hnatiuk, CA
Senior Analyst
Investment Department
Bermuda Monetary Authority
Phone: 1-441-278-0322
Fax: 1-441-278-0272

So … now you know!

I am not calling them a scam - they may actually have a genuine business. Also, on their web-site, they claim to have a staff of 70 people, and are operative in four different countries around the world.

BUT … why tell lies about being registered and licenced by the Bermudian authorities?

Take great care before you “invest” any money with BPIC.

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