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I've been a member of Pay Per Post for about a year now. I've made over $1500 in that time frame but, in exchange, I've lost any opportunity for my PPP blogs to get any page rank.

Anyone trying to drive traffic to their sites knows an important part of Google’s search algorithm is the number and quality of links that point to a particular URL. Because of this, people would buy links on web sites that had a high page rank since Google considered sites with high page ranks as ‘important’ sites.

In March of 2007, Google decided to put a stop to this. How? Simply by knocking down the page rank of any site that accepted paid links. The result was that the seller would lose their page rank, and the buyer would lose the ‘extra points’ of having their link on a high page rank site.

I had two blogs registered with PPP. From one I removed all the PPP code and paid posts. I’m hoping to get some page rank on that blog.

My other site (this one) has no page rank and probably never will. I’m sure my regular readers have noticed that sometimes a post seems kind of odd and out of place. Well, you can be sure I’m being paid for those posts.

Will I continue to do paid posts on this site and be satisfied with zero page rank? Yes and the reason is simple. In spite of no page rank, this site does very well in Google’s search engine for organic traffic.

In my opinion, a lot more than just high page rank is important to drive traffic. I try to create good content that others will find helpful, interesting and valuable. If I can do that, Google will find me.

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