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One of a great social networking websites is HubPages where you can write and publish your own original, unique, and interesting articles easily as well as include images, links, videos, and more.

Basically, you can make money with HubPages in term of sharing ads revenue with content creators, which is you. It is a 60 - 40 split, so you can get 60% of the total revenue which your contents generate for HubPages.

Moreover, you also can make more money online as you are allowed to place on your hub pages your own Google adsense id publisher, your eBay affiliate id, your Amazon affiliate id, or any other affiliates, PPC, CPA campaigns that you have.

HubPages certainly can bring targeted traffic to your website or blog which you have monetized. When you bring more targeted traffic to your website or blog, you have a greater chance to make money online with a variety of ways such as Google Adsense, CPA, promoting affiliate programs as well as selling your own products or services. If your eBay, Amazon, and other affiliate programs on your hub do not generate much income satisfactorily, you have another opportunity to earn more from them which derived from the traffic of your website or blog.

So, in order to make even more money online, you should place links to your website or blog on your hub in addition to the revenue sharing provided by the HubPages.

HubPages is easy to register and is greatly loved by Google due to tons of quality contents provided by the members. You can join in with other HubPages community with the same interest and you can add on your personal information detailing your field of expert, your business, and pictures of products that you are promoting or selling on the internet.

There is no limitation for articles or photos you publish on HubPages and share them with people all around the world. The only thing is that you should comply with the guidelines and read the instructions prior to submitting or uploading your materials.

Write as many articles, reports, manuals, or tutorials as you like and on various topics as you wish and link them to your website, blog, squeeze page or your affiliate websites. Not only you get lots of back links to but also you can drive targeted traffic in order to get the most out of HubPages. The back links from HubPages can gives you benefit for your website or blog search engine optimization in order to rank higher on the search engine results.

Here are some benefits you can obtain by using to publish your article.

The first benefit is you do not have to set up a website for the purpose of publishing your own articles as part of your internet marketing strategy. So, you do not have to incur hosting, domain, site maintenance, template, and others. You also do not need any technical knowledge to set up your own article website, yet you still can implement article marketing strategy to promote and market your internet business.

The second benefit is that hundreds of thousands of people visit HubPages in a daily basis. So, you can take advantage of the traffic to promote your internet business when they read your articles. However, make sure you are not writing articles which blatantly promoting your internet business or else people will file abuse reports against you. Instead, write valuable and informative content of articles and then you can soft sell your products or services or promote your affiliate programs.

The third benefit is you are able to write articles very well and lots of people are attracted to read it, big possibility you written articles will rank high on the search engine results. If your articles rank high, there will be more people find it and read your soft selling of products or services.

The forth benefit is other Hubbers within the community as well as the management team of HubPages are helpful in assisting and support should you need any help. There is also a very useful HubPages’ forum where you can ask questions and get answers to any doubt you have.

Next, you also can enhance the traffic to your articles publish on HubPages by speading it around social book marking websites such as Digg and StumbleUpon or other people will spread or distribute the links to your articles if they find them interesting to be shared with their friends.

Finally, you also can analyze your daily visitors to your HubPages such as where they come from, the visit lengthy, the countries, and others by using Google Analytics.


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