Updated: 04/29/2009 22:10
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Today I have found the site of the PrefectMoneyInvest program offering 2 per cent daily and primary deposit. That is, 102 per cent per one day

Today I have found the site of the PrefectMoneyInvest program (, which offers 2% daily + primary deposit. That is, 102% per one day. Such a profitable conditions are widespread event, that`s why I will not waste my breath about the danger of investing in such a kind projects. I have something more serious about the PrefectMoneyInvest.

This "something more serious" is Genius Capital. Moreover, the using of the popular and famous name everywhere is not comme il
faut, as French are saying. That is "improper", look at the design of this company: does it remind you something? Even a logo is the same.

Anyway, the conditions are different. Looks like this is for those who likes "more stable and long term". 2% daily, and the deposit in the end of the term. But it looks like no one will see this " the end of a term". The start of two HYIPs parallel - is a profitable thing, but only for those who are starting it. For you, dear investors, it smells like bankruptcy. Stay away from PrefectMoneyInvest and Genius Capital.

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