Updated: 05/11/2009 17:22
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Looks like they was here always. Were always paying and on-line. The Stoic belongs to the few rare projects, where it`s easy to earn. The solid formulation of the question, solid approach. The high level of everything. The HYIPS of a such level live a year or two. They are developing to the real representations, multi language site support, booklets publishing and serious advertising campaign. But even the programs of a such level sooner or later stop working. Looks like the turn of the Stoic has come.

The first signal was the performing of Annual Investors Congress. It`s a usual measure for the programs of a high level. To arrange the meeting because of this or that question. And it is obligatory in the last moment. The same situation was with A3union, and Minvstment. Of course, before closing. Now the Stoic is going to do the same.

We are making the monitoring of The Stoic during the whole period of it`s activity. But, we have had the contact with administration only a few times. We could not write the interview neither make DD. Recently we have decided to change this situation and begun actively write to the administration of this project. So what? Nothing. The silence. Absolute silence.

Our readers - is one of the most valuable our resources. Most of them understand, that any suspicions, any information which is sent to Hyipnews.com will find it`s reader and will be known to the wide circle of investors. One of them, few days ago has sent us the message: "Stoic is not paying all. Selective paying." Here we go, the first sign of the collapse.

In any other moment of time this message can be taken as black PR. But only not now. Even if it was a lie, THE INVESTORS SHOULD WATCH OUT. The "red" signal. From the first sign it is unseen, but then the snow ball is getting weight. The main thing is to get out from it`s way in time.

The conference, which we were talking about was appointed to the end of May. Our readers, who has told us about the real problems of The Stoic, gave the answer: "They were a good site & now they are starting not to pay the top investors & slowly going down the list. So if you have investments with them, they will eventually get to you. I call it a reverse ponzi."

We hope that you will pay attention to his advice.
It`s very useful.

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