Updated: 05/13/2009 10:40
Hyip Monitor

Recently we were writing about the identical sites, which to all appearances were made by the same author. It`s a wide spread phenomenon for the sphere of the high yield on-line investing. As the rule, these projects can`t be trusted. HYIP, which is using carbon-paper for it`s creating - is a scam HYIP. In practice a such structure will not live for a long time, because one crashed HYIP will pull another with itself. So, stay away from such kind of the projects.

Today, THREE clones were caught in our wide nets.,, If look on it more attentively, it`s become evidently that, all these clones were created by one model. But maybe the authors are different. But the level of performing of a such program is evident.

Often the fast profit is expected and any wise on-line investor should not run the risk. There are lots of such kind risks in the on-line investments, that`s why no need to search for it, where it`s not necessary.

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