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I don't have PamperedPetsPTC listed here, but was about to soon. I had signed up over the weekend under another member of the community whose efforts...

I don't have PamperedPetsPTC listed here, but was about to soon. I had signed up over the weekend under another member of the community whose efforts I admire and respect, and found it to be what I thought was a worthwhile PTC.

Unfortunately, last night the site sent out an e-mail stating that members were now going to have to upgrade in order to be able to cashout. I won't support a site that forces members to upgrade to receive pay for their efforts (example: IsabelMarco), so I immediately deleted my account after reading the e-mail.

I'm sorry, but if you have to force people to upgrade in order to have funds to pay people, then you have no business opening up a PTC. This kind of thing is a lot of what's wrong with the PTC industry lately. There is plenty of information out there where one should know what to be prepared for financially when opening up any PTC/GPT/PTR, and suddenly deciding out of the blue that you can't afford to pay everyone who works on your site, so you're going to make everyone upgrade to get paid, just doesn't cut it. People don't appreciate spending time and effort, with the understanding that they will get paid, only to have things like this happen.

Luckily I am only out one day's effort personally, but I got burned by ClixMX closing and refusing to pay standard members pretty bad. And people don't forget about things like that. It makes it hard not only for that particular site owner to continue to do any business in the industry, but hard for everyone in the industry because each site that goes down damages trust in the industry overall.

I generally shy away from new sites these days and don't really sign up at any sites now - nor recommend them to you - unless someone I know has had some success and/or been paid by that site. This was one of those, but after these new terms were issued, I won't continue at that site and won't recommend it.

Thank goodness for established sites like WordLinx and ClixSense that have been paying for years and years and aren't going anywhere. There are plenty of great smaller PTCs out there still too that are reliable and trustworthy, but I think there are some out there (or that were out there and are now long gone) that should have done their homework and been a little more prepared for the fact that - morally and ethically - they needed to be prepared to pay all their members no matter what... or just not have opened up a PTC in the first place. "Oh, sorry you've been working and putting effort into my site, but I can't pay you now unless you upgrade" is just not an excuse.

OK, rant over for the day - onto happier news.

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