Updated: 06/10/2009 10:17
Hyip Monitor

This investment game program called gold-manufacture will not create any gold or money for you. Instead this program will only rip off your money. This program has been online since the last year and stopped paying in December.

The admin of this program tries to scam more people by making pay outs only to the monitors and hires a bunch of fake paid posters to cheerlead his program on investment game program public forums.

This program offers four types of plans which are 50% daily for 4 days, 125% within 24 hours, 190% within 24 hours, and 220% within 72 hours. To make it even worse, the website is also contained virus when people received an alert as below: So, do not go to this website.

“Access to the data has been denied! Warning: A virus or unwanted program has been found in the HTTP Data.”

So, stay away and do not even go to this website.


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