Updated: 07/01/2009 10:08
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Daily scam warnings alerting investors northbizz.com program is a scam Pending withdrawals, lack of communication Checked and approved

"northbizz.com it's a scam. not paid" - probably with this phrase we may finish today's part of DAILY SCAM WARNINGS, because everything is already said. The northbizz.com program - is a scam. It's not paying. Checked and approved.

First of all we were trying to contact the administration (we always check the work of the feedback form). But when we came to the forums, everything became clearly. It is even more then just not paying, it's already not paying more than 6 days! Lots of monitoring sites have already put these guys in a black list.

It's a pity, that investors are not informing about such problems at once. Pending withdrawal - is the first sign of a scam in 90% (NINETY) of cases. There is nothing to guess - the best way is to wide spread this information as soon as possible.

But in the case with northbizz.com not everything is lost in order of the warning. The site is still on-line. We think that it will be not for a long time, but now it's still on-line. And it's for sure that some one can invest in it. That's why we are appreciate the author of this message from the name of all readers. Especially, from those, who were going to invest
in nothbizz, but now read these lines.

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