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BestInv - is the project, which everybody likes now. It's very popular now, in spite of modest design and usual plans. There are some reviews about it, everybody are pursuing the administrator to get the interview and the monitoring sites are pushing each other to add them in their list. Only 10 days of the work and they are already at the 57 place on GoldPoll! I would like to see this miracle of the nature and I will do it. What is the reason of the success and why is it so special?

Let's start from the plans. The plans of the BestInv are really incredible. The recess of the "short" circle is empty for a long time and here they are offering us to get the principal back already after 5, 10 or 15 days. Accordingly in Starter, Gold, Special plans. You may start investing from $5 with the help of LR, PM, StrictPay, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay and also original variant like c-gold. Here we could stop our review of BestInv plans if not the feature of their proposal, which I have named as "short" or "fast" circle. In BestInv you will get the whole sum + percents after 5 days. It's a special condition, which is very rare. First of all, because the minimum which you are getting is 4% daily. It's a solid sum. Besides, it may work. If you are thinking that 4% daily - is enough, than you are wrong. For the project with a short circle it may work for a long time, if take into consideration a fact that BestInv is working only two weeks, exactly this condition can help you and enlarge your wallet.

By the way, I didn't understand how the support service is working. When I am clicking on the picture, browser is trying to run the application, which I don't have. I hope we will find out this question in the interview which we will try to make with the administrator of the BestInv. But it would be better that problem was fixed. Fortunately, in case of need, there are four e-mail addresses for the feedback. And they are working very fast. I don't like the projects which don't have e-mail address on the support page, that's why +1 point for placing e-mail addresses.

BestInv has standard, but qualitative hosting. DdosWiz. Dedicated server. The script from GoldCoders. By the way, the script - is that thing which is confusing me so much, because I like sophisticated, fancy engines and design. But it's only my own preference, but it's better not to take into consideration this opinion for objective review. Moreover, often the simplicity is the secret and success of the project, and we as you remember are searching the secret of BestInv, we hope it will help them to get to the top and you - to earn.

The BestInv are earning on the international stock market. But some analytics say about this announcement that it's better to "keep your eyes open". But, in practice it's better to be very skeptic about this announcements. And as the practice of the BestInv shows, the investors trust it and invest not because of the stock market. I'm sure that not this condition will guarantee or not guarantee the long term work of the project. The main thing - is providence and BestInv is alright with that.

Summing up we can say with surprising: NOTHING SPECIAL. But, it seems like, there is some feature in it? The program is realized very good. It's very (very) young, active and reliable. It has appeared in the period of the hot season and it's trying to be a hot one. What can interrupt it? Unnecessary activity at the start? Summer flow-out of the investors? Looks like BestInv has taken all these things into consideration. In any case, while I was researching their site I had a such feeling. Probably, exactly this feeling which becomes the sum of all observations is the secret of Bestinv and if you have the same feeling, BestInv is a rather interesting variant for checking your intuition and try to earn. The chances are very high.


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