Updated: 08/12/2009 23:44
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One of our constant readers, has wrote us that recently the site of the Activebrokers program has disappeared. Unfortunately we were not following by the activity of this program so that's why we can't say much. But it's know that they were paying 7% per day. It's enough to say that a project was risky. Now according to the words of our reader (David), he can't find any information on the forums and find out what has happened... here is the text of the letter:

What happened to They were a no risk program paying .7% a day and sending it to my Liberty Reserve account. They paid less than half of what I put in and ended. I could not search for them and find them in the big forums. Why would they consider themselves no risk then end? Is this acceptable?

Unfortunately, they have stolen your money. In any case the half of it. In the HYIP field it's routine - to write on the own sites the nonsense, something like it's a "risk free" project. Moreover, sometimes you can see the sing with the name "scam free". It's a bullshit. Legally and practically it is not acceptable, it's violation of law and punishing by the legisation almost of all countries, by the crime " fraud". If you have invested in Activebrokers a little bit earlier, than you, for sure, would get not only principal back but also really earned on it.

The main task is to invest in the wanted project in time. For this you have to make preliminary investigation. On the forums and informational sites. You can directly ask the We have the monitoring site which is including lots of good projects, but we can recommend some one else for your request. In our monitoring site we are investing our personal resources, that's why we are choosing the best HYIPs and we know what we are talking about.
Tssible, buthe income is po be careful.

We hope next time you will be more careful.
Wish you good luck!


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