Updated: 09/21/2009 23:46
Hyip Monitor

Various methods and ways of attracting users are invented by administrators of the programs to get a larger audience and make them invest. Administrator of highyieldlotto.com is now offering a guaranteed deposit to the winners of referral contest. In other words, those people are promised to get refund if the program closes. What does it mean? Does it mean automatically that other members are not guaranteed anything? Does it mean that admin assumes the possibility to close the program and cheat other members? Read the offer and decide yourself:

Any member who gets 50 paid referrals (professional status) will receive security of deposits which means if we are unable to pay you or if the program closes, you get your deposit(s) back GUARANTEED! Any member who gets 100 paid referrals (executive status) will receive security of deposits and guaranteed maturation which means no matter what, all your deposit(s) will come back to you matured (principal + interest). This offer is open to the first 5 people that achieves the task and then we may make this offer available again in the future.

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