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Anyone, having even a little knowledge in art, perfectly knows what composition is. Composition means a balance, or, in other words, harmony

Anyone, having even a little knowledge in art, perfectly knows what composition is. Composition means a balance, or, in other words, harmony. In investment world, where the digits rule, the proportions of the components are not easy to define. There are no common rules, frames, and color palette is washy. While it is possible to build a wide, mathematically-based platform for the currency trading or stock trading, for HYIP investment it wont be that simple. Say, we speak about iMoneyReserve program�

GENERAL VIEW. The first thing, which investor will pay attention to, is the program ROI and plans. In this case it will be 12% daily for 12 days (without days off). Total profit will be 144%, so ROI will be equal to 44% for 12 days. It looks more than attractive, taking into account that you dont need to surf the sites, you dont need to click banners, nothing at all. You just need to register, invest and get your profit. Interesting or alerting? Commodities, Forex, real estate, gold and oil investing � looks like this company sets no limits in getting profit.

A pleasant face meets us at the site. These faces, hands and eyes on HYIP start pages make me, an investor with 5-year experience, disappointed. But when I first entered, I didnt pay attention to it. The secret is simple. The site design, its content and introduction are done so that to create a trustful and quiet environment. It feels comfortable here. When you are told about 12% daily in such a cozy place � it is something totally different. Not just simple, but intriguing�

HISTORY. The person, meeting us at the index page has appeared more than 25 years ago. At that time this person, Cassie Johnson, started working at Wall Street, providing investment services. Quite fast she found out the limitations and restrictions of this system and she started seeking for an alternative. The first one was an investment club for limited circle of people. Since 90s this club grew popular fast and in 1996 Cassie started working on it in full force.

Up to the first half of 2008 Cassie Johnson Trading Ltd., successfully offered its services offline. But the company gained popularity and developed fast, and it started seeking for new markets. Internet has become one of those markets. iMoneyReserve appeared online by the end of summer this year.

Company mission: It's designed to enable you to make investments in lucrative offshore financial markets, while at the same time maintaining your privacy.

What does it say to you? At least, that the site content is unique. And what else? That this is the company of one person. Her face is on the site, her name is the company name, she is everywhere. Of course, she has a team, providing support, technical assistance, etc. But company positioning speaks for itself. Pay attention to it.

INSIGHT. In spite of the fact, that the site script was customized especially for this program (it is said that it cost about $2000), it is evident that it is updated manually. And the operations are done manually. For instance, payouts. Maximum withdrawal amount per day is 5, but administration does not recommend to do it more than 2 times a day. It looks like a drawback but look at the company positioning. Isnt this functionality a single possible strategy, an ideally balanced element?

Besides, the site is located at a protected server, SSL Encrypted by DigiWaveWebs. Administration has integrated a special protection tool to prevent multiple registrations (seekBad). And the audience of iMoneyReserve is almost 3000 people! It is not simple to serve so many people, but the payouts are done within 30 minutes! it is possible to register without documents verification. It is possible to make a deposit in Liberty Reserve. There are no territory restrictions for registration and minimum is only $6!. BTW, Cassie promised to add payment options soon.

CREAM. iMoneyReserve company started working in the end of summer and it actively grows since the end of September (09.25.2009). Some investors will say that it is old. Some may find this ROI high. There will be those who will just say short-term program. But on meeting this Team at forum, changing e-mails or viewing their development you will have new questions. Is it that old? Is the ROI that high? Is it really short-term?

They began as a startup. Cassie Johnson appeared at forums, wrote to monitors and blogs. The first stage was collecting information. There was the analysis. Then the checkout. Then analysis again. And then the second part � development. Now they have sticky topics at TG, MMG, banner ads in all large monitors. Someone pays attention to fancy, bright projects or keeps to a low ROI. Im trying to look deep inside. What I see here is order and integrity. balance is a great composition to add to your portfolio. At least, this is a composition, which deserves a review, and your attention.

20% one-time start bonus based on the amount of very first deposit and 12% referral commission are the excellent and appropriate methods to increase the take-off. And these methods are good for step-by-step entering the market, which exactly is done by iMoneyReserve. If they placed banners in a hundred monitors, it would be difficult to understand it. But now it looks just perfect too. And it refers not to bonus and referral commission only. This is an ideally occupied niche and a played role.

P.S. What is the most intriguing for me in this project is that it is impossible to define vital early or late due to its position in the market, its promotional policy and way of development. Whatever destiny your deposit has, you wont be the one to be blamed. iMoneyReserve will be attractive even after 2 months of work. At the same time, it was risky since the first day of its work.


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