Updated: 11/17/2009 10:36
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One of our readers has recently sent us a small message: "forex inv, is not paying but there status are still paying in many monitoring site it did not help the investors anyway what is the use of monitoring site?" We in HYIPnews appreciate our readers’ feedback. When you send us warnings and alerts – we investigate. When you send us questions, we answer them, providing consultations for free, even give recommendations whether to invest or not into this or that program.

In this case we can say that the story of is not new and it is not a special case. we have already written about it and our devoted readers know, how the program cheats investors. They have removed monitoring buttons with negative statuses from their rating page - ( Yes, those that remain, look impressive. But these are mostly qutomatic monitoring. Admins of these monitoring do not collect additional information and it is impossible to learn something about this or that program from them. Even comments here and there are positive.

Thus, you can see that the program remains in “positive” zone in TG forum due to active support of paid posters, in monitorings the situation looks positive as well. But the wallets of investors get empty due to the activity of Forex INV. So please be careful, do not trust these sources of information and always check out information twice. Or, at least write us – we will check them out for you.


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