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The latest update from focuses on two basic questions the status of processing refunds which is obviously a question of

The latest update from focuses on two basic questions - the status of processing refunds - which is obviously a question of priority for the ex-members and a new investment opportunity, which is being prepared by the administration:

Status of Refund Applications:
I spoke with Todd who provided a status of the Refund Applications.
The process began March 15th. As of April 15th approximately 1000 refund applications (out of 3600) are ready for payout. Processing applications is faster (significantly) than before, however they are slowed (significantly) by those requesting status, (even going so far as to create a new ticket) in an email, PM, chat or other creative fashion, all of which takes them away from processing applications. Keeping this in mind as I continue….
Payout procedure. It has been decided, in fulfillment of our promises of a timely refund, payouts will commence May 15th, on a random basis, from those processed applications ready for payment. Please, no speculation as to the order of payouts.

For those who insist upon a status of their individual applications, I asked Todd to respond accordingly, then he is to move these applications to the end of the line. Forcing them to take time away from processing to answer impatient members, penalizes those who ARE patiently waiting their turn. If, however, a question concerning the calculation or other technical aspect of a completed application arises, DO NOT hesitate to contact Todd or Debbie for clarification or further review. (Please be sure to have all supporting documentation available).

The New Program
The new program has required an EXTENSIVE amount of set-up work requiring a multitude of various skill-sets and talent coming together at the same time. We're there (truly). Those of you who have expressed an interest in the program will receive a response to the ticket you submitted in the next couple days. Each ticket needs to be responded individually, so the responses will be staggered.

Those of you who are interested and not opened a ticket yet, you can still do so at
The response you will receive has very specific instructions which need to be carefully followed. We can't allow discussion of this program people and ask you all to follow the strict non-disclosure clause you will find throughout all correspondence. We have no control over discussions outside our community. If you are or plan to participate and you see discussion ensuing, become pro-active and take steps to get it stopped. You may subject yourself to immature name-calling by adversaries or others, none of whom know or understand what we're doing or how we're doing it.
This program is set up such that all participants gain ownership in an LLC. If you're not going to protect your property from which honest and legal dividends are procured, who will?

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