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The latest newsletter from Aballong deals mainly with Birthday, one of the programs administrators

The latest newsletter from Aballong (aballong.com) deals mainly with Birthday , one of the program's administrators, and yet it is also of interest to those Aballong members who have invested in GDP.

HYIPNews.com congratulates on this happy event and wishes him success in business and personal life:

Today is Martins Birthday, and I like to ask all of you to send him a nice email, maybe post it in a forum, or on your blog, the three nicest birthday wishes get awarded with $100 in the Premium Plan One, what is our Monthly Plan.

I also give away a 5% Bonus* payment for every investment done on his birthday and the following 5 days if your investment is from $100-$1000. Even 7% if the Investment is higher as $1000, it is our way to say thank you for all of you in supporting us.

*the bonus will be placed to your existing investment

I is a little concerned about the GlobalDigitalPay event, as we are not able to reach any funds there, and this event also forced to delay payments in GDP, what is not our fault.

As we do real arbitration, I want to offer everyone who has invested in GDP and this is also an offer even GDP not comes back to trade the investments into any other E-Currency on the Market, we would change your invested GDP in any E-Currency supported in the system, but would also transfer the money into the Premium One Plan, as we can make our Arbitrage live easier this way.

I also like to explain why we introduce these two new Plans.
1.) Arbitration Bets need to be placed between many bookies, as more we have as easier it is to find real Arbitrage situations.
2.) In the daily Plan we were forced to send money daily between our Bank Accounts, the E-Currencies and the Bookies.

- what cost us daily exchange fees and transfer fees, and we also need to count on our exchange partners, what are not always working in same speeds.
- this caused us sometime to use the fresh money invested into our system, and we wanted to avoid this, as Aballong is based on real arbitration and not based on fresh people money, this would be a part snowball system what we do not offer

We are also offering everyone who wants to change there investments from one of the pools to a premium plan, as long the investments are higher as $250, you can chose to stay in the daily pool, as it is or move your investments into Premium Plan one, it is a way to say thank you, but also make our life easier.

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