Updated: 04/30/2010 12:33
Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor program administration informs all existing members that the program is closing. They promise to refund those members who are... program administration informs all existing members that the program is closing. They promise to refund those members who are not in profit:

IntermedInvestments is closing. I thought about explaining the reasons, but anything I say will likely not change how you feel about this. Besides, if you've all read ANYTHING I've written so far, you will likely not believe anything I say anyway. So, what's the point. I've been honest till now, so I won't be changing that policy. The program failed. End of story.

Refunds are going to be processed to the extent allowed by the e-currencies, and subject to the amounts remaining in the accounts. Obviously, this will be a partial refund – but a pretty significant “part”, in my opinion. I certainly never received much of a refund from HYIPs that closed when I was investing, anyway.
So, here's how it's going to work. Each processor will be handled in order, as follows:

1. AlertPay – Our account is still restricted, and won't be opening soon due to violations of AP's user agreement. Therefore, you must request your refund directly from AlertPay. I have spoken with them directly, and there is no other way to do this.

2. Global Digital Pay – Not looking good here. The site is still down and there have been no further announcements about coming back. Not sure if they were a scam or not, or if their technical problems are really that extensive. Either way, none of us have access to GDP funds. If the site comes back, your refunds will be processed.

3. StrictPay – Your refunds have already been processed. I did this because I know that complaints would flood SP if I closed and THEN processed refunds. So, suffice it to say, you've been refunded from the entire balance of the SP account. Refunds were in excess of 65% of the owed amount for all comers. Better than most HYIPs, I know from experience.

4. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – Refunds will be processed over the next few days. No need for you to do anything. You will receive at least a portion of your owed funds within the next 72 hours (hopefully sooner).

You know, it always bothered me when HYIPs closed and claimed to be processing refunds, how that process seems always so complicated. Well, it isn't. I look at your account number, see what came in and what came out, did some simple math, and processed refunds. It might be helpful for those that have already received SP refunds to post in the forums, just so others know it is really happening. And, of course, I realize that it isn't a 100% refund. I will work to make that right as soon as possible. That is just a matter of fund availability.

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