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Our followings know that on hyipnews.com we may find many variants of on-line earnings; their riskiness is not the big secret. That is the reason to use hyipnews.com /not only/ for finding programs, but in order to learn how to invest correctly. With benefit for yourself. Check out the article lower.

Let's begin, You've found hyip. How to understand whether it worth investing? Firstly, you need to find out how long will it effectually exist. The answer to that question depends on many inner/outer factors. In this article we'll point out outer once. Here they are...

Whois Data – that is information about the owner of domain. The easiest way to prove it - with the help of special key on our programs catalog pages. According to that information you may find out the date of initializing and terms of domain's registration. If you have discovered that required name is assumed, that shows bad intentions of administrator (hyip owner masks his real name).

Domain's class – domain can be of 2nd and 3rd levels (examples - hyip.com and hyip.com.us). Also you should examine the date of registration (with the help of “whois”), information about previous projects on chosen(exact) domain (enter into search line the name of domain and you will get known). Very ofter administrators rerun their projects to scam again!

Hosting type – with/without Secure Sockets Layer (acr. SSL)

DDoS attacks protection. - If any, that means administration of site put money into security, that is a good sign.

Information about project on top forums and monitoring sys. If there any, you should carefully analyze it before investing, cause as it often occurs, you may find status information from comments of other users or moderators of a site or forum. If hyip stops withdrawal in time, other users begin to leave their alert comments. Monitoring systems are also very useful, but to my mind, only cause of their fast updating information about new hyips. Also monitoring sys provide information about whether hyip is paying or not, but there are cases when hyips pay to monitorings, but not to its investors. To top forums we may relate moneymakergroup.com & talkgold.com. Most popular mon.sys – hyip.com, most reliable – hyipnews.com. But be careful, many monitoring sys. are working automatically and bring out not up-to-date status.

The attendee of /support team/. If there is any that is a great bonus. You may check it by asking a question and by getting as fast reply as possible of course.

On-line terms of investment. Here you should pay attention on terms of investments. If there's any starting with 1 day till 1 week, in case of more than 1 month hyip existence, I wouldn't recommend to invest into such a project. But, if terms of investment are more than a week or a month, thus the term of existence is much longer and to my mind is about several months.

Stability of withdrawal. While analyzing forums' content, pay much attention on such paradigm. If hyip often delays payments that may signify that administration in financial obstacles. And if working on “ponzi scheme it means upcoming hyip closure.

Treating messages/votes is also well-known way of cheating. Do not invest into such dirty hyips!

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