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There is some updated information on course of events in redirection of domain name to

There is some updated information on course of events in redirection of domain name to Let me remind you that recently closed has found a very good way out of a situation. The thing is that there is usually a panic at the market when the big projects close. Everyone starts looking for someone to blame and create a commotion. But what is the sense of attracting witnesses to such minor event as closing of one of large Ponzi schemes? Am I right? It is enough to turn everyone`s attention to something else and make people talk about other topics and sooner or later the fuss will decline. And it is necessary to disappear immediately and not to wait until it becomes clear that the project has been closed. I think it is simple and ingenious. But the truth is that has nothing to do with it.

They did the right thing at the first place, because they didn`t start to weasel their way out. They simply announced that they have to deal with offended Atox Finance Alliance investors, but they can`t do anything. Here you go, it is an example of qualitatively operating support service and its role in HYIP development.

Now (yesterday) they send out newsletters in which they informed that they have no idea what Atox Company is, and also offered their clients a bonus. It is $10 for a simple survey in which it is necessary to start with filling out a questionary. In truth it doesn`t matter what kind of campaign it is, but the move is ingenious. It seems to me that bonuses will help.

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