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Interview with LIONSSOCIETY. The representative of the project - Lea Gao, talks about this investment project LionsSociety and how it works.

While everybody talk only about crisis any positive moves are extremely important. This concerns a projects success, showing actual achievements, and surely a growing number of successful investors. Yet I believe another positive fact is searching. For new decisions, new formats, new approaches. Providing all that leads to more successful investors this is exactly what we need right now. LionsSociety is the project including all the above. Unfortunately such projects is a real rarity nowadays as LionsSociety uses really unique approach. For one thing it is not only not HYIP, it is actually not HYIP as you dont have to make a deposit, you are not paid a fixed interest, and the profit wont satisfy most of spoilt HYIP investors ... anyway enough guessing, lets listen to Lea Gao, the projects representative, who agreed to tell us about LionsSociety and how does it work. (HN): Hello, Lea. As we already mentioned in the beginning LionsSociety is objectively not HYIP. Since such statements are often heard and LionsSociety is indeed a unique project let's begin our dialogue with introducing LionsSociety. What is it and how do you position yourself?
LionsSociety (LS): Hello, and let me start a way back. I am Lea Gao from Flaxn. I started with a Ning community almost two years back, and built a pretty unique community there. I also posted and administrated some facebook communities. However, what I learned during this time was, it was all great. Even so most Ning members just tried to make friends to spam for their own sites. So about one year back I started still with the Ning network and started to search for a different platform. I finally found thanks to one of my readers the vbulletin platform. What I did not know at this time, this is not only a forum script, but actually a great CMS and Blog. So I registered a new domain and was born. After testing the script and got actually easy around with it, I switched and forwarded to the old domain and started all over with This time away from the Ning communities and for the HYIP world only. Abdul my reader who introduced me to vbulletin become my system admin and webmaster. I started to write reviews and articles as much as I can, and be proud of what we archived together. I always tried to educate people on Flaxtalk, and over the time I guess even make some enemies. I always write what I think. And I do not care what administrators or other blogger are pleased or dislike my style. I actually developed a HYPER Compounding strategy in the HYIP world. What is working, and if people follow my weekly Movers and Shakers list since about 14 Month. They will start to earn and not only lose in this crazy world. I got many requests from readers to make my own HYIP. However, I just don't want to risk money for members. What I always did was backing people who follow my strategy and lost money. I can say when you HYPER Compound you can't lose anyway. So I decided to do something like a refback. However, I not just give the ref back to my downline, I invest this refback with the HYPER Compounding strategy I developed. Now I also offer my readers to not only have their refback invested, however also upgrade and invest more. The script I am using allows me to enter an exact amount I earned over a week, and this amount will be divided by all unit holders. These are people who invested, or I invested their referral back for them. So as you see Lions Society is something like a refback/investment HYPER Compounding site. To know more about HYER Compounding, visit me on and you will know more about how this works.

HN: Please, tell more about LionsSociety relation to
LS: Well, Lions Society is a part of Falxtalk or better the Flax Consulting Network. I am planing a few more things, what are already in the programming and setup state. An own ecurrency exchange, flaxads and a few things I like to announce once I have all legal papers in my hands.

HN: Don't you afraid to put at hazard in case LS will be having problems? And could these problems actually appear?
LS: As mentioned I HYPER Compound so I always pay only 20% of the weekly earnings to the members and reinvest 80% back into different programs. I do this for myself since a few years. I do not promise a fixed rate, so even when programs go down, LS will not suffer or be in problems. This system works and I am confident offering it. As my readers on Flaxtalk know HYPER Compounding can't fail, and so LS will be a success - without facing troubles. I always play as open as I can, and I mention when ecurrencies or programs are in danger, most of the time we are already in profits by than ;)

HN: Most of our readers know and its author well. Still could you please introduce the project and tell its history for those readers who are not aware of it yet.
LS: I actually did this in question one. However, Flaxtalk was born of and the Ning community. I was very active also in Facebook in the past and have many friends still there. Flaxtalk is a different blog, as I always write what I think about a program, and I am not getting paid for this. So reviews are free on Flaxtalk and can only be requested from my readers. I look into the programs and write all I can see. This includes a cheap or good setup, the script, company, etc. Flaxtalk is a blog, I recommend everyone to read. And I not just saying this because I am the owner of the blog. Our community commends as brutal as I write sometime, and we did spot some scams earlier as everyone else did. Flaxtalk is different and I always try to educate my readers. The is also a little fun in the community as we created badman cartoons, and a few other things. I was including the early edition with some very artful coffee cups. Have a look and be a part of this community, it is worth reading it daily.

HN: What is your part in LionSociety project, do you have an experience in HYIP investments field? What are your major goals and tasks?
LS: Well, if you run a community like Flaxtalk and invest your own money, I believe you can say I am experienced. The major goal is to make Flaxtalk the best community when it comes to HYIPS and here is the first difference. I see this industry not as investments, I see it as a game. And if people accept to see this industry as a game, and play it right I can guaranty they will stop losing. Lions Society was actually created as a refback or investment insurance. However, it turned out to become more attention as expected and I am sure people will realize soon, the way I invest the money in LS should be the way to do. As you can create out of a game a real investment. And to make it in the HYIP world, you need to HYPER Compound.

HN: What position does LionSociety want to take on the market?
LS: Well, as you might have seen, I don't advertise LS anywhere. It was created and is still for community members only. Sure you can join even you are not a member of Flaxtalk. However, I don't created this site to get rich. This site is to help my readers to make money. I actually not cash anything out for myself. There is a shareholder option, from where I can use money for the company. This includes registrations and legal matters of the ecurrency exchange. Flaxads - what I believe will be a great success. It is like google adsense but based on the ecurrency world. So to make this clear I believe LS is part of a puzzle to make the Flax Consulting Network a big success in the HYIP world. However, I see it as one of the smalls parts of the puzzle, what will bring some more traffic and let me handle my business, thanks to the shareholders easier. The insurance funds do not make me or Flaxtalk any money. The traffic generated, thanks to banner ads and soon flaxads, does. And this is the part where we as a community, but as well me as a blog and community owner start to make money.

HN: How can investors join your project, on what terms and with what benefit?
LS: You can join, by signing up on�(but now the link is not relevant). I do not offer a fixed return. End of each week I enter an amount I earned over the week, and it will be distributed between all unit owners. The shareholders get paid once a month. However, shareholders are people I know for a long time, and I not offer this option to anyone but people I trust. The units can be purchased for only $1 per unit. This will not make you rich, the HYPER Compounding way, might make you learn. And of course based on how much you actually hold as a unit owner you can built an amazing extra income stream.

HN: At the moment LionSociety website is pretty modest and simple yet looks very attractive. Did you use a popular engine?
LS: The design was done by Doris, what is one of the well known designers in the HYIP world. At first the design was too fancy, as I prefer more a business look. However, as I always teach this industry should be seen as a game, I decided to take here design and use it like it is. After all she did some of the cost successful sites in the past. So I trust her with this. The script is based on Neversays v2.5, but I ordered some heavy modifications, and neversay did a fantastic job. There are still some things he needs to do. However, so far I am happy and when I consider what he needed to modify for me, I believe the script is almost a unique programmer script. The admin area is complete different as I needed a fed to distribute earnings based on an amount. I needed to give bonus investments for the referral commissions and a few small things you as an investor don't need to care about. I am happy with the package we received from the programmer's site and the designer.

HN: Did you take any measures to protect the site? DDoS protection for example? Any special hosting? In theory a project like yours should not be drawn into our sharp competitive battle, yet..
LS: As I don't adversities the site very much, there is not this hard competition. I did select Hushhosting for the protection, and they do a good job. A few months back I was about to change the host, since there was some downtimes I could just not handle. However, they got it fixed and make me a pretty good deal. So stay with them and after all they are reachable, whenever I need something. And the DDoS protection is one of the best in the HYIP industry.

HN: What are your plans for development, main milestones for future?
LS: The plans I have are endless. I guess when you built something what you consider as your baby, and love what you are doing it never satisfy you. I plan many things like flaxads, what should be lunched these days. The ecurrency exchange, some unique script for monitoring, what is unseen so far in the industry. We do have a chat and IM system, what I try to use more often and explain the power we have with this. As we also plan an iPhone app, what supports the chat as well.. And a few more things I have in my mind. I guess this community will never be fully satisfying me. However, I am passionate to improve it daily. At the moment, I not write three articles a day. I did this in the past. However the low season gives me the opportunity to work on the network and I just not find the time. I also setup a site business in Macau. The shareholders are already knowing about this, and I might offer it one day to the public. So as you see many things I am not happy with just yet. This gives everyone the opportunity to be a part of something big in the future. If you have ideas drop it in. I am happy to have them in consideration.

At the end I feel saying thank you to all the readers and of course the administration of who gives me the opportunity to introduce Lions Society, but most of all the Falxn Consulting Network to all of their readers. I will return the favor and link back to hyipnews when I see a good article in the future. Thanks again and I look forward to welcoming the readers of hyipnews on Flaxtalk, and I am sure I send you some readers over as well.

Lea Gao special for
LionsSociety official website

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