Updated: 07/06/2010 13:21
Hyip Monitor pays careful attention to the development of HYIP community; we have a Scam Monitors Rating ( pays careful attention to the development of HYIP community; we have a Scam Monitors Rating (, we also follow forums and blogs. And we are glad of every positive step in this direction. One of these steps was recently made by MNI (Money-News-Industry). This is surely not the leader of the industry, yet it is notable enough to draw attention to its change of layout. It happened as a result of the blog’s hosting and engine change. On the whole the new specification gives the admin enough freedom of choice and action to continue his work.

These changes were taken differently by various market players: some liked it, some criticized. Anyway the admin states the changes were imposed by the crisis as currently the blog is moved to a new free platform. We believe the administration of MNI made an excellent decision as there is a big difference between the closing and such a change. In this case one more active member stays on the market.

One more important thing the admin of MNI emphasizes is the readers support or in this case the lack of such support which also caused the above changes. So, dear readers, your support is extremely important for any HYIP project whether it be an investment program, forum or blog. Including So if you don’t want anything to be changed in our project or vice versa want to see us improved somehow please visit our Live Chat or leave a message because we are always open to discussion.

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